Anchor Baseliner & long 11s

Conditions – cold about 45 degrees breezy with good attitudes and slightly elevated hope on horizon… nice.

pax – Baby Shoes, EEEEEE, Monsewer, 1Mile, Machine, Readymix, Cpl Klinger, Conroy (q)

Warmup with music that no one but q liked in general

SSH x19, TTTx 9, IW x 10, AC in Airchair x 10 front and back

Thang 1

all pax given index cards to record 4 metrics in following order after some unwelcomed discussion:

body weight squats – 1 minute – arms in from and six touching but not bouncing off of park benches

Merkins – all the down nose and chest touching ground – 1 minute

Burpees – full with push-up x 1 minute

elbow plank – for time – Babyshoes was last pax planking at 3:40 secs

all reps were recorded on cards and given back to q for safekeeping until next quarterly measurement.

35 min left –

thang 2 – Indian run to end of park by bridge – long run 11s called with burpees on one end of park and work out deck exercise on other end – this took quite a while and we got from  1-6 of the workout deck and 10 – 5 Burpees before COT – gassed

COT – Mountain weekend .org meeting for March 7 weekend / hike of footpath trail at Blackstones 8 am Sunday – Babyshoes doing a mediocre job of organizing (So extra). – thankful

getting better –










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