All the gates were open…

Numbers have been dwindling at @thebuck but the guys that have been there have been crushing it.  Great job this morning!

Conditions: Perfect.  Ballcock and Joker wear shorts and short sleeves all winter but for those of us that are not as manly it was shorts and short sleeve weather.

PAX: Ballcock, Ray, Sawed Off, Joker, Cowbell, Coach K (Q)



1 burpee
SSH x 20 IC
2 double merkin burpees
Monkey Humpers x 20 IC
3 triple merkin burpees
Donkey Kicks x 20 OYO
4 x 4 burpees
Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
5×5 burpees

Plankjacks x 20 IC

Mosey to track
20 Shoulder Shredders (those take a long time)
Fast Mosey lap
20 Merkins
Mosey Lap
20 Merkins
Mosey Lap
20 Merkins

Fast Mosey Lap

Mosey to the bleachers.  Up and down each stairway.

Mosey towards the tennis courts and stop at the pile of rocks.  Grab a rock.

50 curls
50 squats
50 Overhead press

Mosey to tennis courts for bearcrawl suicide with 10 vups everytime you get back to the start line.

Mosey to the pad for 10 flutters IC and done.




Sell signs

Prayer requests:

Prayers for Jokers health and that they would find what is bothering him.

Prayers for sawedoff’s friend who is on bedrest at 29 weeks pregnant.


–Sawed off has a Usain Bolt stride around the track.  Not catching that guy.

–Ballcock’s hair flows nicely in the wind.

–Joker sure doesn’t act like he is hurting.  He shows up and kills it every morning.

–Cowbell rocked the workout.  He is a beast.

–Ray is not on facebook so he won’t see this but that dude is unstoppable.

Great job everyone!

Coach K Out



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