The Relocation

Date: 1/23/19
The Relocation
PAX: MiniVan(Q), Ambien, Cardinal, Nae Nae, Singlet, Trampstamp Early Dismissal: Squid
Conditions: Clear, 48 degrees, perfect morning
Disclaimer: Untrained – push yourself, push the guy next to you Warmup:

● SSHx20

● TTTx10

● ACFx10

● ACBx10

● IWx10

The Thang: Need to find a new location to plant the flag due to the rec center parking lot being too busy in the morning (7 locations)

  •   Absolution x 5
  •   Baryshnikov Squats x 10
  •   Alternators x 20 (alternating groiners right leg up, left leg back)
  •   Jump lunge x 10
  •   Big boy 3peat x 5 (BBSU twist right, BBSU toe tap, BBSU twist left = 1)Rinse and Repeat x 9
    Totals: 1.85 miles and 45 Absolution, 90 BS, 180 Alternators, 90JL, 45 BBSU3P

    Mary: NOPE
    Announcements: Train for P200, Q at The Brig is open for Wednesday Monday at The Brig will be at Hilton Head Pres on bus drive Wednesday at The Brig will be in the High School lot behind the sign

    Location pictures to be posted…. Prayers: F3


  •   Absolution still sucks
  •   Cardinal became anti-social at stop #6
  •   Had a friendly “can I help you?” from a teacher at the creative school parking lot

○ Nope just some guys wearing dark clothing working out in the school lots…..

  •   Hilton Head Pres was a favorite for the lighting, parking lot and the ability to store things(cinder blocks) in the future and easy to find – Downside Bus drive tends to be busy
  •   Hilton Head HS Lot was a close runner up – Large lot to workout in with not much traffic,good running loop – Downside not much grass to use, parking lot is rough on backside.

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