PAX: Joker, Ball Cock, Ray, Whippoorwill, Coach K, Judge Judy (QIC)

Conditions: cold and dry.

Warm Up: SSH x 25; AC x 30; TTT x 20; SSH x 25

Mosey to Church field.

Dora: Partner 1 runs to hat, completes 2 double merkin burpees and returns. Partner 2 completes exercise. Flip flop. Exercises: 50 Merkins, 50 Derkins, 50 Incline Merkins


Repeat Dora.


11s: Dips/Hand Release Merkins


11s: Dips/ Merkins


SSH x 25


Back Scratcher IC x 1


Announcements: Sell butts and signs.

Prayer Requests: Prayers of thanksgiving for Coach K’s niece’s new opportunities. Prayers of thanksgiving for safe travels for Snowflake and Joker.


  1. Good bit of mosey and SSH due to cold temps.
  2. YHC’s memory was not on point this morning.
  3. Next year’s fundraiser will be to purchase a jacket or pants for Ball Cock.
  4. Buck PAX: step up and Q. It’s the easiest way to do the workout you want to do. Whip called Thursday’s Q.

Thanks for allowing me to lead.


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