Saturday at #MOB

PAX: Buckeye, Joker, Snowflake, Ballcock, Puddy, Diapers, Jack Sparrow, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: Low 60’s

Disclaimer: Refrain from Injuring oneself


SSH x 25 IC

AC x 10 IC both ways

TTT x 15 IC

Hill Billy’s x 15 IC

Mosey to Prichard/Bridge do 10 burpees while traffic passes

Mosey to Town of Bluffton Dock for Jack Webb

4 Air Press 1 Merkin on dock cleat

8 Air Press 2 Merkins cancel dock cleat

all the way to 40 Air Press 10 Merkins

Reverse Bear Crawl up the ramp to top of hill

Lt Dan

4 Lunge 1 Squat, 8 Lunge 2 Squats…….40 Lunges 10 Squats.  Each PAX counted

Mosey to Dubois Park

Reverse Merkin Ladder with Pullups and Partner

3 Pull ups- 11 Handrelease Merkins Lap around Park

3 Pull up- 10 Hand release Merkins Lap around Park all the way to 1 Hand release Merkin.  Partner is there to help with correct form.

Mosey back to Flag for


Flutters x 25 IC

LBC x 50 OYO

Backscratcher x 10 IC

Flutters x 25 IC

LBC x 50 OYO

Backscratcher x 20 IC





-Sell Signs and Pork butts! Sign up to help Swanson cook in 2 weeks!


-Safe Travels for Riddle family as they return Snowflake to the College

-Snowflake as he heads back to crush his 2nd semester.


-Plans for a beautiful sunrise Jack Webb on the dock were replaced by a dark, slippery, unstable surface for Jack Webb.

-Lt. Dan only takes 10 minutes but will completely wreck the legs

-Hate to see Snowflake go back to school, who will pass us 2-3 times during a work out now?

-Puddy showed no quit today despite the possible #merlot he left at Dubois Park.

-We discussed the power of the Group at Q-Source.  F3 has been a great example of this, I have never been capable of pushing myself as hard as when I am with you guys.  Embrace that, share that, get some guys out that haven’t been in a while.  #ISI


Peaches out!

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