Don’t Show Your Merkin to Your Partner!

1-16-19  at the Brig.

48 Degrees, dark with no breeze!

On Deck: Hard Hat (QIC), Spaulding, Shingles, Bart Man (Respect), Brutus, Musk, Na Na, Singlet, Mini Van, Snipe, Radar.

Warm Up: SSH 20, TTT 10, Arm Circles x2 15, Air Presses 15, Hairy Rocket 10, Merkin 10.

The Thang: Stepped off for a 2.5 mile run with stops along the way.  Each stop consisted of 25 partner leg lifts (each partner).  One partner is laying on the ground with their legs six inches off the ground.  Grab the standing partner by the back of their legs and lift your legs towards their face (I realize this sounds terrible). Standing partner pushes the legs down to create drag but cant let them touch the ground. Repeat until 25 reps is complete and each partner had a turn.  Do not attempt in the Summer or if your partner is wearing silkies!

Once leg lifts were completed the group did a different type of Merkin at each stop.  Completed 5 stops in all with the 5th being back at the AO.

No time for Mary!

Announcements:  P200 fundraising, safety equipment especially at the Brig,  Maybe change AO meeting spot to across the street in the Elementary school parking lot because of Rec Center traffic pattern.  Radar is considering coordinating a Friday Cross Island run (Pending). Brutus is still collecting warm clothing for the soup kitchen.

Prayers and dismissal.

Moleskin:  Sounded like Snipe ripped a loud fart during partner leg lifts and his partner (Radar / father)  said, “it was acceptable if the responsible party was on the ground”.  The group agreed!  Na Na hurt his elbow during finger tip Merkins and it was decided he would just use his other arm for extra curricular activities.


Hard Hat out!

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