Long 11s

PAX: Ball Cock, Floride, Simpson, Buckeye, Updike, Compost, FNG Puddy, TP, Diapers, Toothless, Judge Judy (QIC)

11 PAX for 11s. There was some running…

Temps: Slightly colder than perfect.



SSH x 25

AC x 25

TTT x 25

TM x 10. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey to OFP

Long 11s at OFP. Burpees/Starbursts

Mosey to AO.

TM x 10. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat.


Prayer Requests: the unspoken.

Announcements: Team Orange Crush has sold its team and van sponsors. Solid. Now, let’s get every other team to do the same. Sell sign sponsors and butts.


  1. Sorry not sorry about the amount of running. 3.5 miles to 4.5 miles completed.
  2. Simpson was there and owned it. Gambit and Stones were not there.
  3. Welcome Puddy. There usually is a lot less running involved. Promise.
  4. It was good to see the numbers increasing at the MOB.
  5. Toothless is putting in some solid “two-a-days”. He will be ready for the P200.

Always a pleasure,


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