Coupons Return

PAX: Stones, Dabo, Wet Wipes, Joker, Roker, Snowflake, Ball Cock, Simpson, Diapers, Hair Clog, Buckeye, Swanson, Ray, Justin Stephens FNG (aka Mary Kate), Kiffin,  Compost, Gambit (QIC)

Every time YHC has Q’d the past 6 months I have looked at the coupons sitting behind my garage and think now’s a good time to  bring those back out. Then the laziness of Sunday evening comes around and I don’t feel like loading them into the back of the truck. Today was a new day.

Conditions: mid 40’s with a slight breeze

Disclaimer: here at your own risk…

Warm-up (IC): SSH x 30, TTT x 10, IW x 20, Squats x 20, Merkins x 15, 0.3 mile mosey.

The Thang: (partner up). Partner 1 grabs a coupon out of the truck. AMRAP. Partner 1 completes the series of exercises while Partner 2 runs the 0.3 mile loop. Flap jack and continue until  Q calls time. The exercises were: 5 Blockees, 10 BBSU w/ coupon, 20 reverse lunges with block overhead (10 ea leg), 30 curls. All PAX complete between 3 and 4 rounds until it was time to switch things up.

The Thang part 2: Partner 1 moseys out about 30 yards. Partner 2 bearcrawls while pulling said coupon under them for the 30 yds and switches with Partner 1. Once Partner one completes the bearcrawl back to the start, Partner 2 joins them. Rinse and repeat.

The Thang part3: Partner 1 jailbreaks across field to fence while Partner 2 overhead carries coupon to the fence, gives the coupon to  partner 1 to return OHC to  start. When  Partner 1 makes it  back to start, Partner 2 jailbreaks back. Rinse and Repeat.

Coupon storage recon: all coupons collected from the truck and taken to the woods behind the pool. Find them, use them

3 MOM: (IC) Flutters x 30, AH x 15, Dirty Dogs x 20 each leg



  1. Coupons always seem to add a different element to the wo
  2. Had to call audible for the AMRAP. Initially had 30 OHP and 40 curls but PAX were finishing the run too fast
  3. Joker paid snowflake to sprint the laps so he didn’t  have to do all the reps
  4. Stones needs donations for gloves
  5. Dabo made it through a block wo without getting injured
  6. Peaches gets to  sleep in on Mondays. True FiA supporter
  7. Wet Wipes was out of the country last week but didn’t lose a step
  8. Roker didn’t die from the plague last week…
  9. Ray with impeccable form on the reverse lunges
  10. FNG Mary Kate…He’s  a twin. Hoping he brings Ashley next time. ( Great first post!)
  11. YHCs new years resolution is to be an asshole again. Swanson came close to getting the brunt of it this AM.
  12. Diapers reminded everyone that we all know a bunch of fat people and we should invite some of them to a wo this week. The challenge was laid to ask 5 people this week. Who’s in?
  13. Q sheet is still relatively empty. If you wanted a wed Q, too bad, Stones has them all month. Step up and take an empty slot

As always it was a great start to the week. Judy would know that if he showed up…

Gambit out!


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