Pullups with the palms facing you are also called chinups

PAX: Annie, Urkel, Ballcock, Coach K (QIC)

Condition: low 50’s.  Perfect bootcamp weather.

With only 3 PAX on the pad there was talk of whether or not if there was an F3 rule about less than 4 people at a workout then it is canceled.  Nobody could confirm that so we decided to push through and begin.  About 10 minutes in, an orange visor appeared through the dark mist and Ballcock arrived.  Tclaps to Urkel and Ballcock for watching the whole game and posting 5 hours later.

Warm Up but not really:

SSH x 20 IC

20 Merkins

5 pullups

Smurf Jacks x 20 IC

20 left arm forward merkins

5 left hand facing out and right hand in pullups

Plank Jacks x 20 IC

20 right arm forward merkins

5 right hand facing out and left hand in pullups

Mountain Climbers x 20IC

20 Crucible Merkins

5 wide arm pull ups

Crab Jacks x 20 IC

20 Hand Release Merkins

5 pullups with your palms facing you which I guess some people call chin ups.

10 burpees in the parking lot

Alternate between mosey and jailbreak to the end of the parking lot and loop back to the steps at the front of the school

10 Dips, 10 Squats, 20 Dips, 20 Squats, 30 Dips, 30 Squats (Ballcock informs the group that 30 is probably a good place to stop) 50 LBC’s OYO, 40 Dips, 40 Squats, 25 Big Boys, 50 Dips, 50 Squats.

11’s (Derkins on the wall, bearcrawl, incline merkins, crawl bear…)

Mosey/jailbreak to the pad

Revisit the warmup with SSH x 10IC , merkins x 10 and pullups x 2 twice


American Hammers x 10 IC





-Sell signs and butts

-Clemson won a football game


All unspoken


-I guess a lot of the pax traveled to CA for the National Championship Game because that would be the only valid excuse for missing a workout.

-Ballcock and Urkel are beasts for showing up after surviving YoYo’s beatdown on Monday and watching the whole game.

-Someone needs to buy Annie some gloves so he doesn’t mess up his ski mittens.

–Great job by all this morning.

Coach K out!



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