Dirty Laundry

13 Pax and one pair of underwear joined us for a beautiful workout.

Pax Present: Wet Wipes, Coach K, Urkel, YoYO, Roker, Sawed Off, Snowflake, Joker, Handy Manny, Judge Judy, TP, Whip QIC

Conditions: Steamy meets Chilly.

I am not trained and I hope you don’t die. If so we will bury.
Great great great to have Sam Riddle out there today.

Warm Up: Arm Circles x 15

Mosey in Two Lines to Tennis Courts.

The Thang:

Partner Up with whomever is across from you in line.

Pax 1 wheelbarrow derkin x 10
Pax 2 wheelbarrow squat x 15

Pax 1 wheelbarrows to next corner of court.
Pax 2 holds wheelbarrow

Switch Positions and Repeat for all 4 corners.

Round 2…rinse and repeat.


Mosey to outside of tennis courts:
Partner Carry for 100 yards switch when needed.
Bearcrawl for 100 yards or until you die.
Partner Wheelbarrow to Stop Sign switch when needed.

Form Two lines. 6 Pax vs. 7 Pax Relay Race
Each Pax does 3 burpees before taking off.

Flutters x 12
American Hammers x 12
Crunchy Frog x 6
Dolly + 6 inches and hold x 2


Moleskin: The mumble chatter was at epic levels this morning with groans and a decent amount of modifying exercises. Things got awkward after the tennis courts with JJ putting on an impromptu Victoria Secret show for us. Poor Lil’ Cena. Wet Wipes is Will Ferrell without a shirt on…google it. Roker is a very calm quiet assasin. So great to Sam Snowflake Riddle home for holidays. Only run to the 3rd light Joker..no the 4th…no just turn around. YoYo ma literally did a bear crawl sprint for 100 yards….kid is legit. The tennis court wheelbarrow idea was awesome but feels like you just got book in a country county jail and it’s your first night. I wouldn’t know but the wheelbarrow was horrible too. Who has the better beard Manny or Wipes? You shall decide. Urkel’s shorts…oh my lord….forget how it all looks…it’s how we all feel while looking at it. Violated. lol


Whip out.

Announcements: Run Day/Gift Drop Day tomorrow at MOB.

Prayers for the woman killed in Lexington, Families Traveling for Holidays,

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