Frosty DORA

November 28, 2018

PAX: Bartman (Respect), MiniVan,Hermanos, Cardinal, Cookies (Respect), Radar, Snipe, ChumBucket (QIC)

Conditions: 33 Degrees with a slight breeze (Enough to scare off some fartsackers)

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk


Warm Up:

50 x SSH (Get the blood flowing)

15 x Imperial Walkers

10 x Through the Tunnel

Arm Circles 15 Forward, 15 Backward

1 mile mosey



Partner DORA with one partner running parking lot loop while other completes:

50 Pull Ups

100 Merkins

150 LBC’s

200 Squats

250 Air Presses

Air Squat until six is finished


Line up shoulder to shoulder on pad

50 Big Boy Sit ups

Bearcrawl to otherside of pad

50 LBC’s

Bearcrawl back



25 x Hello Dolly

High Plank/Low Plank





December 8th is “Bring Your Kids” Day at The Yacht Club. JV has a special workout planned. (Just don’t bring your wife)

Buffalo Run is coming up…Train



Laetner’s Mom

Warmer Weather



Good push my all on our first cold morning

The gate at the Palmetto Hall gate must have been frozen shut again

The cooler temperatures sure do cause a lot of alarm malfunctions

It is always a pleasure to lead this group of men in the GLOOM!


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