White Board list of Exercises

November 24, 2018 – Saturday at the Yacht Club.

Spaulding, Hard Hat, Goose, One Star, Squid, Laettner, Batman, Boy Bun, Cookies

Light rain over the night; overcast at 55 degrees.

Warm Up

SSH 25 ic, Windmills 25 ic, Arm Circles ic, Through the Tunnel ic

The Thang:

Preform the exercise on stage, sprint 50 yards, bearcrawl 15 yards, mosey back to the stage for a total of 10 rounds.

Exercises in order:

  • Merkins 25
  • LBC 50
  • Monkey Humpers 30
  • Merkins 20
  • Overhead Clap 50
  • Merkins 10
  • Squat 50
  • Merkins 20
  • Big Boys 50
  • Burpees 20

Line up ten rounds of DIPS

first in line does one, second does one, next round two… all hold the formation until their turn up to 10.

Mosey’d to the playground for combo plank, pullups

First guy does 5 pullups while rest hold plank, rotate through 2x until everyone does 10 pullups.

Mosey’d back to the flag

Proceeded for Mary:

  • Reverse Crunch – Same position as LBC. Head and back stay on the ground. Bring knees to chest to work lower abs.
  • Windshield Wipers – On your six with legs together at 90 degree angle. This is a 10-count exercise. First, move both legs together to the left, till they are 6 inches from the ground. Then go to the right till they are six inches from the ground all the way to the right. Then go back to the middle to end the 10-count. Repeat.
  • Flutters

Cookies out

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