Turtle Heads and Open Doors

Date:  11/5/18


PAX:  Hairclog, Peaches, Yo Yo Ma, Ballcock, Gambit, Swanson, Ray, Wet Wipes, Joker, Sawed Off, Urkel, Squealer (QIC)


Conditions:  68 degrees, 100% humidity, perfect Lowcountry fall morning



Disclaimer:  Don’t hurt yourself, if you do, don’t blame me


Warm Up:

SSH x 30 IC

TTT x 25 IC

BAC x 25 each way IC

Mosey to COTC



Dora 123

-partner up

-one pax runs to Allen St while the other does exercise to reach a total of 100 merkins, 200 lbcs, 300 squats


Leg Wrecker

-Mosey back to corner of Bridge and Calhoun

-PAX split into two even groups

-one group holds squat position while the other does a non-ascending Lt Dan (4 lunges/1 squat) using the lunges as lunge walks until they reached the corner of Bridge and Boundary. Then that group holds squat position while the other does a moving Lt Dan up to them.

-Audible: next block doing broad jump instead of Lt Dan.


Indian Run back to the flag


6 MOM:

Tempo Merkins x 25 IC (led by Peaches)

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC (led by Ballcock)

Plankorama mixed with merkins (led by Gambit)









Prayer Requests:

-A high schooler at YHC’s Church took his own life this weekend. Prayers for his family.

-Yo Yo Ma has his 3 month follow up to his surgery to remove the tumor. Prayers for good results.

-Yo Yo Ma has his first orchestra recital tomorrow night at Creative Church.

-prayers for all unspoken requests and for those who couldn’t be with us this morning.



-Buffalo Run December 9. We currently have 12 signed up. We need a few more to have 3 full teams. Do it!

-Regular training for P200 has commenced. Get on it.


Mole Skin:

-Urkel plowed into the parking lot at the last minute, Yo Yo Ma hopped out and ran around the car to let Urkel out. Either there is a door issue, or Urkel now has a chauffeur that he drives around.

-Mid-workout we were informed that Peaches had a turtle head poking out. Upon reaching the bridge, he said if went away. Is it possible tbsf Peaches soiled our rivers?

-Dora 123 didn’t take as long as I expected. I guess we’re just in great shape. Add reps?

-Bridge street is farther than I thought from COTC.

-Broad jumps become pelvic thrusts when you get tired.


Always a pleasure to lead!


Squealer out!

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