TP’s Kryptonite

Date: 10/30/2018

QIC: Coach K

PAX: Wet Wipes, Static, Joker, Buckeye, Ballcock, Ray, TP, and Urkel (Ruck Training)

Conditions: upper 40’s, bleachers crisp, and grass on the football field soggy close to freezing.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC

10 Burpees

LBAC forward x 15 IC

10 Burpees

LBAC backward x 15 IC

10 Burpees

TTT x 15 IC

10 Burpees

Smurf  Jacks x 22 IC (YHC had planned 25 but Joker highjacked the Q and PAX followed.  Probably a wise decision)

10 Burpees (Urkel arrives like a ninja coming out of the darkness with a glowing light and a backpack for 2 burpees to end the warm up)

“Urkel rucks in 3 minutes late to the warmup and he’s already 50 burpees behind.” –Buckeye

Mosey to the bleachers:

Up and down each set of stairs on the bleachers touching every step or something like that.

11’s: 1 burpee, run to top of bleachers, 10 squats, run down, 2 burpees . . .

Mosey to the field:

Line up  on the goal line Bearcrawl to the 10 yd line

10 Burpees and jailbreak back

Crabwalk to the 25 yd line

25 Merkins and jailbreak back

Bearcrawl to the 50

50 Monkey Humpers and jailbreak back

Crabwalk to the 75 yd line also known as the other 25 yd line

75 Mountain Climbers and jailbreak back

Jailbreak to the other goal line

100 Plank jacks and mosey back to the pad



–P200 Meeting at 5:30pm today at the Dispensary

–All prayer requests unspoken


–50 burpees in the warmup kills mumblechatter

–YHC was a little worried that we were being attacked when Urkel came through the woods with light blaring in all black.

–TP says that he hates bleachers but he killed the 11’s.  Great job!

–Static likes to run and also prepare spreadsheets.  His P200 team will be very organized.  He also excels at bootcamps even if it’s not all running.

–Ballcock killed it this morning.  It was a given that he would lap people on the crabwalks but it seemed like every time we were chasing him.

–Wetwipes, Joker, Buckeye and Ray make it look way to easy.  One day YHC is going to get those guys to at least look out of breath.

It was a fun morning.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Coach K Out!


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