Squid turns 3




68 degrees, partly cloudy, 5-7 SSW, humidity 80%


Goose, Cookies, Spaghetti’O, Junior Varsity, Chumbucket, Radar, Chico (DR:Charlotte), Singlet, Big Easy, Shingles, Brutus, Squid-QIC


TTT x 10

Let’s do a warm up Mosey, one lap nice and easy.

20 Merkins

1 lap, Mosey 1/2 way then sprint 1/2 way

20 Merkins

25 Dips

1 Lap Mosey

20 Merkins

25 Dips

20 Merkins

1 Lap 1/2 & 1/2

20 Merkins

25 Dips

20 Merkins

25 Dips

Mosey to Pavillion

25 Derkins


Line up for an Indian Run, run to Veterans’ Memorial Park, around the circle and back to the parking garage.

Mosey to the 3rd deck door.

11’s: 10 Jump Squats, run up the ladder well to the 4th deck for 1 BBSU then mosey back to the 3rd deck, the long way.

9 & 2, 8 & 3, etc.

Indian Run back to the SF.

6 MOM:

20 X Flutters

25 Dirty Dogs, each leg (if the vegans are going to stare, they’re going to get a show)

20 x Flutters

Low Plank

High Plank

20 x Flutters



Welcome to Chico (visiting from Charlotte)



-Safe travels for those who didn’t post.

-Request for the Sky Q to grow the whole Lowcountry region in breadth and depth.


Three years ago, Dabo came into my office and invited me to a workout group. Scared that it was just a ploy to see my amazing legs and potentially get to shower with me, I said maybe. He asked again a few days later. In trying to call him out, I asked for details. He gave very few. He said, “It’s a group of guys that meet early to workout. The timing keeps it from interrupting work, family, etc. Just come, you’ll like it.”

In my past, I have done things that required a high level of physical fitness, but I had veered far from that path…a few times. In an attempt to “get back into shape,” I saw merit in the muscle-confusion/total-body concept of CrossFit. What I didn’t care for (so, I thought) was the cheerleading. And, I’m allergic to AXE body spray. I posted at #MOB on an early morning. The first warm up exercise was 30 x SSH; it hurt and I was embarrassed that it did. Then we were running laps around the block. Lagging behind due to my poor fitness level, someone stayed with me and gave encouragement. When we were done, I was named and as I walked back to my car three different guys told me that they were glad that I was there and they were excited that I was coming back. I was hooked.

The past three years have been a roller coaster: I’ve had days that I didn’t know if I could stand up and days that felt as if I could conquer anything. There have been injuries and challenges and there have been personal victories. There have been professional stresses, relationship foibles, co-parenting issues, yet there was always encouragement. Even Gambit said a nice thing once, “for a fat guy, you don’t stink much when you sweat.”

The men who gather in the gloom around a shovel flag have become an important part of my life. To post with you men is an honor. When you are struggling, POST MORE and ask someone else. When you’re doing well, POST MORE and ask someone else.

Leading this group is always an honor that humbles me.

Squid, OUT.


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