Back in the Saddle



27 PAX

PAX: Cookies, Squid, Chumbucket, MeatGazer, MiniVan, HardHat, GoDaddy, Narco, Hermanas, Beltway, Kevin Thompson FNG “Ramblin Wreck”, Squid, Spaghetti O, Yanni, NaeNae, Goose, Subprime, Cardinal, Beater, Stroke, TrampStamp, Weinstein, Ambien, Musk, Spiccoli, Spalding, Crabcake

The weather was great, but still humid.  YHC has been DR due to Hurricane Florence and the Men came out, much to their dismay, for my return workout.  Either that or they just didn’t know, but we’ll go with the first.

Warm Up

A few merkins, squats and lbc’s.

Burpee Build Up

We moseyed to the field for work on each corner.  It went like this:

1 Squat-Sprint to opposite corner (long side)

1 Thrust (which was dropping hands to the ground, thrusting feet back and back to chest then standing up for 1)-Sprint to opposite corner (short side)

1 Merkin (from standing position completing a burpee without the jump)-Sprint to opposite corner (long side)

1 Burpee-Sprint to opposite corner (short side)

Repeat going up to 10 each

Mosey to Pavilion for 11’s with Dips and Derkins

Mosey to SF for Manmakers and Flutters



Chumbucket announced the new AO Scout workout would happen on Wed the 3rd at the Elementary Schools.  Prayers for those impacted by the floods and hurricane.

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