Old Towne Dippin Derkin Stroll

Location & Time: MC Riley aka the Rake aka MOB @0515

Conditions: Swamp-like

PAX present: Gambit, Judge Judy, 12 Gauge, Wet Wipes, Peaches, Swanson, YHC/BigEasy

PAX not present: Dabo (out with back issues from moving furniture), Stones was not there due to…well whatever, FloRide, Sawed Off, Ballcock, Cubby, Sparrow, Diapers, Gump, Squealer, Simpson, Food Stamps, Buckeye….the rest of you know who you are. No excuses!


  • 20 x Windmills (supposedly slow due to Judy’s cooler injury – e.g. Abe Vigoda style)
  • 35 x SSH (too much chatter in the windmills – that shut em up)
  • 8ish x Willie Mays Hayes (Gambit refused)
  • 20 x Dirty Dogs
  • 10 x Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Mosey to benches off the track 25xDerkins 25xDips

Mosey to the Bus Loop corner tables 20xDerkins 20xDips

Mosey to Redfish parking lot for 10×4 Curbkins

Mosey to Dubois Park grab a bench 15xDerkins 15xDips

Mosey to Church of the Cross – wall with 10xDerkins 10xDips

Mosey Calhoun to Pope – brick wall with 5xDerkins 5xDips

Mosey to Bridge St bridge – Crab Crawl

Mosey to basketball court MC Riley


  • 20xAmericanHammers
  • 20xBackScratchers (crowd pleaser in honor of Joker)
  • 25xFlutters
  • Plank Bird dog
  • Plank Side – Right and Left
  • Super Man Batman


Announcements: Ragnar this weekend; Q is needed for Saturday.

COT: Prayers for Rose Family, Ragnar warriors, and unspoken.


Gambit refuses the Willie Mays Hayes, even though I may not have it exactly right, nonetheless, he modified in a standing protest. F3 Chapel Hill and Charlotte all do this warm-up so I was just trying to contribute. Swanson has diabetes which makes his life painful yet he refuses to give up like the good soldier he is. Judge Judy modified Superman with a plank due to a cooler accident – details are yet to be shared among the group. Judy happily gave up his Q spot when I late posted for the Q spot due to a flip phone mishap – I am taking the free upgrade to a smartphone today. Peaches gets half credit for co-Q since he called the light run day with arms and chest. I am happy to be back from my trade show in Vegas and a visit with my daughter, however, short-lived as I leave again Thursday afternoon till next Wednesday. Thanks for playing along and allowing me to lead! Big Easy OUT!

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