Indian Run Murph Monday

Conditions – mild even a bit cool – banner was yet to wave

Pax – EEEEEE!!!!, Baby Shoes, Wipeout, Fumes, Cpl Klinger, Mountaineer, Cocky, Conroy (QIC)

Warmup – Mosey around parking lot at a brisk pace

TTT x 15, IW x 15, SSH x 29, AC in airchair – x10 fwd x 10 bwd, Raise roof x 10, oClap x 10

line up for Indian Run to Washington St. Park (1 mile-ish)

The Thing – partner up for accountability and assistance-

100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 Squats – split up however wanted with Mosey back and forth from pull up bars (jungle Gym) to pad option – modify pull ups as needed by doing reverse pushup or assisted by partner pull ups. (quite quiet it was for about 25 minutes save the sounds of getting better)

Indian run back to flag – stopped midway to modify to 5 pushup indian run – to flag.

COT – announcements – sign up for P200, still looking for second F and Third F Qs – names coming forth include Baby Shoes – 2F and MonSewer for 3f (nominated). 2nd F lunch proposed for this Friday to finalize.

Moleskin – Murph was meant to be a baseline to be repeated each month for progress on time and quality of exercises. Great effort by all men. Q signup seems to be going well – is available on F3Lowcountry –

Honored to lead and be a part of this great group of men. Discussion about greater good project  and jump Beaufort to begin at 2nd F lunch.

SYITG – Conroy


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