Hijacked, or was it?

PAX: Static, Judge Judy, Whippoorwill, FNG – Cookie Cutter , Ball Cock, Joker, Handy Manny, TeePee, Flow Ride, Coach K, Wet Wipes (QIC)


11 PAX circled up around the drill pad (who’s got the shovel?).  Once Whippoorwill and I came to agreement about who was Q for the day I took over. – How many times does that happen?

Conditions: Mid 70’s and a little sticky

Disclaimer: not trained, not a professional, and in no way liable.

Warm-up (IC): SSH x 30, TTT x 18, IW x 20, AC x 20 forward and reverse

Mosey over to the bleachers.  50 squats oyo, run all steps of the bleachers, 35 squats oyo, walking lunges from one side of bleachers to the other.

Mosey toward the side of the school.  40 Freddie Mercuries in cadence

Mosey to the short wall in front of school. 40 dips x 15 lbc, 30 dips x 15 lbc, 20 dips x 15 lbc, 10 dips x 15 lbc

Mosey to the tennis courts. Line up on the line and do 35 air presses x bear crawl across the courts x 25 lbc run back – repeat until mosey

Indian run back to pad

At the pad. plank w/ L&R arm raises, 10 tempo merkins, 2 round of superman’s and 6″ leg raises


Announcements: P200 signups – looking to take 12 teams – Q sheet signup on FB March 22-23 talk to Judge Judy if you need more info.

Prayers: be better husbands, fathers, employers, employees, encouraged by F3 fellowship


  1. Is this Ragnar training?
  2. Where are we going anyway?
  3. Doesn’t anyone else like bleachers besides me?
  4. We have to go to the tennis courts, the lights are on.
  5. Legs hurt, arms hurt – job done.

This was my first Q.  It won’t be my last.  See you in the gloom!

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