Crazy 8’s at Shelter Cove

Welcome, Intro, and Disclaimer

  • When:  Saturday 9/22/18
  • QIC:  Ambien
  • Pax:  Hermanos, CuCuCaChoo, Snookie, Brutus, Laettner, Spaulding, Goose, Tito’s, Bartman, Minivan, Spaghetti-O, Squid, Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Singlet
  • Conditions – a hair cooler than usual but still pretty muggy



8 burpees

18 IW

8 burpees

18 crunchy frogs

8 burpees

18 TTT

8 burpees

The Thang:

Q led Pax on a figure 8 mosey around Shelter Cove Park.  Along the way, Q pointed out 8 stations with strategically placed note cards containing the exercises to be performed at that spot.  The following are the exercises and the number of reps at each station.  Pax were instructed to mosey from station to station following the figure 8 pathway.

Crazy 8’s Exercises:

28 merkins

38 big boys

48 squats

48 mt climbers

Lunge across field by restrooms and back

38 SSH

28 plank jacks

18 derkins

At least 3 circuits of the above exercise were completed by all Pax.  Some Pax completed 4 circuits.

Return to circular area in the middle of Shelter Cove for 38 dips on the wall


28 flutter kicks

Planks – 30s two arm, 30s with Rt arm raised, 30s with left arm raised, 30s on two arms

Announcement:  New HHI AO Go-Live October 13. Stay tuned

Prayer requests for Pax with tick bite and illness, Schnitzel’s neck surgery, and people affected by Hurricane Florence.

As always, it’s a lot of fun to lead this group of men.  After an F3 workout, I’ve never regretted showing up and working hard.

Ambien has gone to sleep.

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