There and back again

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer

  • When: September 20, 2018
  • QIC: Spaghetti-O
  • The PAX: Snookie, Chumbucket, Squid, Brutus, Narco, Singlet, Spaulding, Big Easy, Bartman, Meat Gazer, Cardinal, Hermanos, MiniVan, Goose, Nae Nae, Beater
  • Conditions: 80 degrees and freshly mowed in concentric cirlces

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):

  • SSH x 20
  • Burpees x 10 (Big Easy)
  • Imperial Walker x 10
  • Through the Tunnel x 10
  • Arm Circles (forward and back) 10 each

The Thang:

Mosey to The fuel dock at the Marina


On the way: 20 Inclined Merkins 20 Dips on two stops


Burpees (Starting at 10)  and Squat jumps (Starting at 1) starting from the first gangplank working our way back to Scott’s Fish Market.

Circle back to finish with the 6.


Mosey to Watersedge for a quick up the stairs / down the stairs.


1 Brief stop on the way back with a reverse plank


Mosey back to the AO field


Mary: (IC)

Big Boy Sit Ups x 10

American Hammer x 20 (IC)

Flutters x 30 (IC)



Accountability:  Take what you experience here and apply it to your work and relationships.

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for those affected by the hurricane.  Prayers for TrampStamp as he battles illness.  Prayers for Dabo’s father who is in a coma.  Prayers for those who are traveling.  Continued prayers for Schnitzel and others recovering for injuries and illnesses. Prayers to those who are unable to join us this Saturday and to those men who have not found us yet.  Unspoken prayers for all.


Workout Saturday 6:30AM Ambien has the Q.

New HHI AO Go-Live October 13. Stay tuned.


As always, it is a real pleasure to lead such a great group,

~ Spaghetti O Out.

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