Ain’t no running round here

QIC:  Big Easy

When:  Pre-hurricane Florence 2019/09/13

Conditions: Swamp-like

PAX; Dabo, Peaches, Coach K, Flea, Ray, Buckeye, Gas Mask, Giselle, Blindside, Swinney, Ballcock, Roker, Joker, Madoff, FNG – Hacksaw.

Posted @ The Buck (Flagless)

Seeing how some of the men have been running more pre-, post, and in the workout to prep for the Ragnar relay, I thought I’d help break it up and have a no run workout to give those legs a rest and encourage those who don’t like to run to show up.


SSH x 50

TTT x 20

Windmills (Abe Vigoda) x 20

Willie Mays Hayes x 20

Hillbilly Walkers x 20

Plank Jacks x 20

The Thang

We will lunge, bear crawl, broad jump and walk but we shall never run!

From the Flag/court to the circle…Walking Lunge to the parking lot. Broad jump to light post. Bear Crawl to Stop sign. Lunge to circle and take your place.

High knees to burpee on DOWN command starting with THC clockwise around till completed. Curb Merkins – Left-kin x10, Derkin x10, Right-kin x10, Curb-kin x10. Recover. Walking lunge to the wall. Take your place in plank, feet against the wall. Feet on wall at 10 degrees, then move up to headstand position on my command UP.  Move to dips on the opposite wall x 25 OYO. Air Chair with arm circles both ways x10 IC. Squats x 25 OYO. Dips x 25 OYO. Move to the sidewalk – split into two lines. First team zombie crawls (plank walk while dragging legs) across the grass to the other side. The 2nd team watches while squatting till done then reverso. 2nd team didn’t wait till YHC finished across and began prematurely…lots of mumble chatter so 10 Burpees for all OYO. Recover walk to the light pole. Walking lunge back to Flag.


Crowd Pleaser – Backscratchers x 20

American Hammers x 25

Flutters (Honors to Buckeye)x50

Superman (Honors Dabo)

All Done

Name-O-Rama: 16 Pax total with FNG 2.0 named = Hacksaw

Announcements: Sandbag filling at Taylors Nursery for willing volunteers

Circle of Trust: Give us Grace and Strength to do your will during the next days

Moleskin: At midpoint or so there was a select few (not to mention any names Joker or Ballcock) who had mumbled chatter about one of my first Q’s when I gave a new name to the Dirty Dog. I forgot but not forever, I’ll come back to that another time.

Flea mentioned I had a cruel streak. There were lots of groans when Buckeye called out Flutters. It is fantastic to see the young men with the Dads. What a great thing to bring your sons into fellowship with. All in all I was happy to lead and glad we could get another one in before this storm. May God keep you and bless you throughout this event.

Big Easy OUT!

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