Just read the Moleskin. WO doesn’t matter.

Pax Present: BallCOCK, Judge Judy, Toothless (doesn’t know bc has no fb), Lil Cena, QIC Whip

Conditions: Hurricane Cool

Warm UP:
1 Lap Mosey

5o LBC’s

1 Lap Mosey

50 LBC’s

1 Lap Mosey

The Thang:
1  Lap Mosey
30 Freddie Mercuries
1 Lap Jailbreak
20 V-Ups
1 Lap Mosey
20 Crunchie Frog
1 Lap Jailbreak
20 Slow Flutters
1 Lap Slow

Extra Love
2 Lap Jailbreak

1 Lap Recovery
1 more Lap Recovery…

1 Final Lap MerkinFest
10 Derkins
12 Ranger Derkins
10 Spider Man Merkins
10 Wide and 10 Close Merkins

13 Laps total…..I think. 3.9 miles  lets say 4.

MoleSkin: I just can’t do that. Stop. That’s a lie.  Never feel as if you can’t lead. It’s a myth. You can. Numbers (men showing up) come when variety is present. Don’t just lean on same crew to lead. There may be a brother that shows up because YOU are leading!

Comfort doesn’t bring change. There is no such thing as “a comfort zone” in the Bible. I know that’s what you’ve probably heard but it actually is not bibical AT ALL!  


Rest does exist and we all need it. So take your rest but when it’s time to go to battle…get up.

God didn’t design you to live in a greenhouse but rather he planted you on the mountain top. On the mountain top where the rays of sun are violent and where the rain falls the hardest. The hope of you making through every workout lies in the fact that the guy next to you is not quitting and your pride won’t let you. 

Ragnar guys met me in the parking lot and informed me “we are here to run, not worktout.”

My son Jude ask me this week to come to F3 Saturday. He helped me lead. He’s 9. I always let him modify, but at least it teaches him discipline. Better than that I get to hang out with him. My other son came to Run day Friday and ran 3 miles. If you have a son we should plan a Father/Son Day soon. Toothless pushed hard today and tried to cough up something that turned out to be a proud moment of puking. Ballcock (a great dude) was near deaths door today but DID NOT QUIT. Tough Cock. Judy talked a lot of about recent Post Malone stories and how he purchased a cheap suit this week. The guys were just chatting at first…not so much toward the middle to end.

Urkel Challenge 6 for 6 starts MONDAY.


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