The “Does anyone read BB” workout

Conditions: 32 degrees…like in icy hot.

Pax Present: Roker, Cornhole, TP, Uncle Rico, Kiffin, Ray, Coach K, Annie, Whip (Q)
Ragnar: Stones, Wet Wipes, Big Spur, Sawed Off, Peaches

Warm UP: Arm Circles, TTT, & 10 Squats

The Thang
There are 25 legit excercises on Q’s list of love.

Circle up and each pax will call out a number (1-25) at random. No rest in between.

1.Burpee x 20
2.Wide Position Merkin x 20
3.Jump Squat x 20
4. Hello Dolly x 40
5. Mosey (long)
6.Clapping Merkins x 10
7. Squats x 20
8.Hand Release Burpees x 20
9. Jailbreak 100 yards
10. Donkey Kicks x 10 (wall kicks)
11.Morning Call x 5 with plank (look it up ya slacker)
12. Partner Derkin x 20
13.Plank Compass (stupid idea)
14. Punch Up Merkins (my new fav)
15. Mosey (short)
16.Railroad Tracks 1 round
17. Lunges x 20
18. Hanging Leg Raises x 20
19. Stagger Merkins x 20
20. Supines x 20
21. Temp Merkin (I’ll call the numbers going down, you call out rep going up.)
22. Tony Hawk Burpee (it does exist) x 10
23. You Pick (Roker)
24. Canoe Right and Left Q call
25. SSH x 30


Flutters (x 30 close to death)
Merkin Mountain Climber Combo
Plank to the finish


Announcements: If you want to go camping with Ragnar venture holler at Sawed Off and bring bug spray.

Prayer and Exit.

Moleskin: Ya know we all have moments of clarity whether it comes through the pain that hurts or the pain that hurts and altars…chose to let the pain change you. Monday was labor day and I usually recover from a loooonnnnngggggggg Sunday but I decided to to Judy’s and Updikes beatdown at the MOB. Then throghout the day I thought about positng Tuesday as well…body said, “no”.  Mind said, “shut up and do it.”

So late in the evening I thought I’d do something different. F3 Roulette…call number and do the exercise associated with it. Just don’t call #8. HRBurpees x 20.

If you’re still reading this…then you are most likely one of the dedicated F3 bros. We need to et the bucks numbers up. HHI AO is killing it. What can we do?

Nevertheless, the 9 that showed up today bled, bonded, and busted their pride together. I count a blessing to have found this group 2 years ago through Brian Hamptons Rose.

God is good….there would be no good without Him.

Eric Whip out.


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