Moving 10/10 (without Judy)

PAX: Buckeye, Stones, Chumbucket, Diapers, Hard Hat, Spaulding, Ray, Dabo, Peaches, Big Easy, Gambit (QIC)

11 PAX pulled themselves from the fartsack this morning for some humpday fun. YHC is constantly amazed at how so many PAX have their travel time to the #MOB down to the minute. 5 PAX there at 0513, 11 by 0516. Although, apparently Judge Judy and Sawed Off got lost and turned around.

Conditions: Same as the past 3 months

Disclaimer: I’m not trained and never claimed to  be professional. If you get hurt, suck it up

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 30, TTT x 15, AC x 20 forward and reverse, slow deep squats x 15, IW x 20, mosey to Pritchard st  for tempo merkins x 10, side shuffle right toward bruin, side shuffle left, reverse run, mosey to the corner of Pritchard and Bruin


The Thang: Moving 10/10

It is approximately 1 mile from the corner of Bruin/Pritchard to Morris Garage on 46. All PAX run together for the mile  stopping every 0.1 mi and complete 10 burpees  for a total of  100 burpees and 1 mile. 10 count. Return run 1 mile alternating between 10 jump squats and 10 lunges each leg every 0.1 miles. We made it 0.6 miles before we needed a fast mosey back  to the corner of Bruin/Pritchard. Regroup and AYG back  to the flag touching down at 0601.

No time for Mary

Announcements: Urkle and Chumbucket organizing 6  for 6 challenge. See the pre blast  for  more info. TYC planning a second AO (TBD) with launch date set for Oct 13th.

Prayers: Family of  Michael that we have been praying for. He passed away yesterday after a battle  with cancer

There seems to be a lot of PAX MIA lately. Call someone, give them shit, make them show up. (Except for Simpson, giving him shit doesn’t work) Good push from everyone this morning. Most everyone was relieved we didn’t do burpees for  the mile back. I think Ray was the only one upset. We need a Q for Saturday. Actually, we need more people to step up and Q. Many people hovering in the background hesitant to step up and lead. WTH are you waiting for?

Go Cocks!

Gambit OUT!

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