Blocks in Bluffton

8-22-18    79 Degrees and Humid.


Hard Hat (QIC),  Dabo, 12 Guage,  Madoff, Peaches, Judge Judy, Roker, Spaulding, Gambet, Gator Bait, Chum Bucket, Porky, Gump



SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IWx 10 IC

HBx  10 IC

ACx  10 IC

Mosey to the parking lot and collect the blocks.  Pick a partner and run with the blocks to the bus circle.


Partner runs around the circle while the other partner works out with the blocks. Continue until specified numbers are reached and switch out after each lap. (Squat presses should have been 100 and merkins should have been 200, next time).

100 Alternating  hand merkins

200 Squat presses

300 Curls

400 Bench press



Enough time for right arm up and left arm up planks (one minute).


Announcements: 2nd F family beach day  Saturday at 1:00 ( Islanders Beach ).  Pick up thank you notes, car magnets and shirts from the P200.

Prayer Requests: Unspoken.


Next month will be my one year anniversary with F3.  I have enjoyed making the trip to Bluffton a few times a week with Spaulding. The MOB has welcomed us “Seaman” from the Yacht Club.

– Hard Hat

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