PAX: Jack Sparrow, Swanson, Compost, Gambit, Gator-bait, Spaulding, Chum, Hard Hat, Stones, Dabo, Ballcock, Judge Judy, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: 76 98% Humidity

Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional.  Work out, at your own risk but push yourself and your peers.

Warm Up:

Tempo Merkins x 20

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

Mosey to Road in front of AO for explanation # 1 of the Thang:

THANG:  Run 5k route, start with 2 Merkins here and add 2 at every turn, Jail breaking between turns.  Merkins will be done together

Prichard/AO 2 Tempo Merkins, Jail Break

Prichard/Tabby Shell 4 Tempo Merkins, Jail Break

Tabby Shell/Pearl St 6 Merkins IC (YHC realized IC is different from Tempo and re-explained instructions), Jail Break

Pearl St/Bruin 8 Merkins IC, Jail Break

Bruin/46 10 Merkins IC, Jail Break

46/Mellichamp 12 Merkins, Jail Break

Mellichamp/Goethe 14 Merkins, Jail Break

Goethe/46 16 Merkins, Jail Break

46/Heyward 18 Merkins, Jail Break

Heyward/Bridge 20 Merkins (called by Stones), Jail Break

Bridge/Calhoun 22 Merkins, Jail Break

Calhoun/Waters 24 Merkins, (called by Jack Sparrow), Jail Break

Water/Boundary 26 Merkins (called very slowly by Judy), Jail Break

Boundary/Bridge 28 Merkins, Jail Break

Bridge/Prichard 30 Merkins (called by Dabo) Jail Break


Dirty Dogs 21 IC each Leg

Plank 45 seconds


260 Merkins and 3.1 Miles complete!




HH Thursday Fat Patties

Beach Day August 25th with Yacht Clubbers


All teachers and students returning to School


-Tempo Merkins and In Cadence is different, sorry for confusion, except Gambit not sorry

-Missed Urkel for help with Math on total numbers this morning

-YHC Jail Break slow turned into a mosey after about 4th stop.

-Stones was complete opposite of above, nice push

-Judge Judy calls cadence very slow








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