Suns (not) Out, Guns Out

50% of the time, YHC shows up for his Q all the time.  This morning was a true testament to how the accountability of other men help get each other out of the fartsack to get better.

4:35am TP:  You up e?

YHC:  Yes

Uncle Rico: I’m up

Uncle Rico (1 minute later):  Guys I’m still beat.  Ya’ll roll without me.  I need some rest.

YHC:  Nope.  Don’t do it.  You’re already up.

Uncle Rico:  Dang it.  Ok.  Getting ready.

We all needed a push and we all got better.


Dark and humid.  Still sweating 1 hour after completion.

PAX (10):  

Floride, Ballcock, Joker, Urkel, Big Perm, Sawed Off, Madoff, Buckeye, TP, Uncle Rico,


I am not a trained professional. Exercise at your own risk.  Push the man next to you.  Modify if needed.

Warm Up:

  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 15 (4 count)
  • Baby Arm Circles x 10 (4 count)
  • Through The Tunnel IC x 10.  Do at your own risk.
  • Side Straddle Hops x 25 (4 count) since Big Perm missed the first round
  • Temp Merkins x 10
  • Plank Jacks x 25 (4 count)

The Thang:

  • Mosey to wall
  • Modified Dora with a Partner, Partner runs around Traffic Loop
    • 100 Derkins
    • 200 Dips
    • Mosey to the the Tennis Courts, Grab a boulder on the way
    • 300 Curl/Suicides (Partner does a suicide while other partner does curls with boulder)
    • Over the head press/Suicides x 5 each partner
  • Mosey and Jail Break to Pad

Mary- 1 minute flutter kicks, 1 minute plank with 10 temp merkins thrown in

COR, NOR, Announcements

Prayer Requests

  • Praise for Yoyo Ma’s positive bill of health
  • Pray for the teacher’s going back to work today.
  • 1 unnamed PAX expecting.  Going to withhold name so his wife doesn’t kill him.
  • YHC prays to be a positive communicator in the workplace…Buckeye responds with “Nobody wants an angry dentist!”


  • Between Saturday and Tuesday I had seen enough burpees and core workouts for the week.  Decided it was time for a bicep tricep day.
  • Madoff is my first pick if we have a strongman competition.  He threw the boulder around like it was nothing.
  • Ballcock: “Why is this so hard, it shouldn’t be this hard.”  Then blames it on the heat.

A pleasure to lead!  I am still sweating.  Enjoy your day, the weekend is almost here.

Floride out!

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