Another no Q impromptu Q

PAX: Chumbucket, Daipers, Big Spur, Joker, Snowflake, Peaches, Doubtfire (Knoxville), Wet Wipes, Urkel, Stones, BallCock, Gambit (QIC)

12 Men, most of who waited in the fartsack to see if the rain would stop, circled around the flag with no Q on the sheet, again… YHC checked before  leaving the house if someone stepped up late last night to  lead and still seeing the sheet blank, figured I could come up with something to entertain us.

Conditions: 78 with a moderate rain until  0514. Then humid

Warm-up: (IC unless otherwise stated)

SSH x 30, LBAC  20 ea. way, TTT x 15, IW x 20, Copperhead squat x 20, Tempo Merkin x 15

The Thang:

Mosey over to the swings and partner up. Partner 1 performs 20 swerkins (Merkin w/ feet in swing), Partner 2 planks. Flapjack and repeat for 2 rounds. Partner 1 then performs reverse crunches w/ feet in the swing while Partner 2 holds 6″. Flapjack  and repeat x 2  rounds.

Continue  mosey from park toward bridge street stopping for the 6. Mt Climbers  x 20 (IC), mosey to  the bridge for  reverse lunge across, mosey to bridge  and boundary for 10 Burpees OYO, mosey to Dubois Park and all  PAX complete 1 set off  max rep pull ups then circle up  on the plush turf for a round of  Jack Webb (1 merkin : 4 OHP…10 merkin : 40 OHP)

Recover and mosey out of the park down Calhoun to bridge for plank jacks x 20 (IC), mosey to the dock at TCOTC. Reverse bearcrawl up the hill  from the dock (suckfest). recover and mosey back to bridge for 30 squats OYO before mosey back to the BBall court.

3 MOM: Flutters x 30 (IC), Back scratchers x 30 (IC), Plankorama x 1 min


Prayers: safe travels for Joker and Snowflake headed to VT for orientation, all other unspoken.

Announcements: Beach Bum Tri  this Saturday. Still time to  sign up. 4 Men needed to  replace 4 quitters in the Ragnar Relay in October. There is talk of  large tents, alcohol, and AC (and maybe a little running). Talk to Stones! Be on the lookout for the Bobcat scorcher coming up in August.


  1. Dabo has gone missing. Tempted  to  put out an APB  on him
  2. Urkels silkies get smaller every  week
  3. Q’s are few and far between these days. Everyone out of town? Scared? Lazy? What’s  the deal? Apparently people don’t like to lead…
  4. Reverse lunge walking is a great balance test.. Most of us  have none
  5. Snowflake like to  watch Joker do burpees and listen to him complain about them
  6. reverse bearcrawl is a bad idea. Up a hill is just plain stupid
  7. Kotters to  Diapers. I think he enjoyed his “vacation”

Enjoyed the morning fellas!

Gambit out!

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