Promises Made, Promises Kept.

When: 07/10/2018

QIC: Ball Cock

The PAX: Big Spur, Big Perm, Sawed Off, Simpson (Kotter), Coach K, FloRide, Ball Cock (QIC).

7 PAX took their #Crabwalk_BearCrawl_Burpee_Free DRP at THE BUCK. The school campus was on a complete lockdown, so no access to the stadium or track. They must have gotten word that a few P200 Gun Runners would be posting in the gloom. Hello Kitty was packing some HEAT!

Conditions: Clear skies and Humid.

Disclaimer: YHC is still not a professional, exercise at your own risk!


Circled up at THE PAD for the following:

SSH x 30 IC


Imperial Walkers X 25 IC

Copperhead Squats X 25 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 IC Forwards/Backwards

Raise the Roof X 15 IC

5 Pull-ups


Mosey to the Wall.

Find your spot for 50 Dips OYO, plank for the SIX.

No access to the track, so mosey to the bus loop; a fine alternative for a modified group Catch-Me-If-You-Can. PAX mosey to each quadrant of the loop and complete 10 Merkins and one lap. When the group returns to the start/finish line, complete the 4th quadrant’s Merkings and plank for the SIX. Rinse and repeat for 10 Laps. Totals: 10 Laps and 400 Merkins.

Mosey back to the Pad.


0 MOM (“Pointless”):





Sign up for the Ragnar Relay; we need a few good men. October 4-6th, 2018.


Simpson’s prayers for his family’s safe travels and prayer of thanks for YHC’s promises kept for no Burpees/Crab Walks/Bear Crawls this AM.

Prayers of thanks for FloRide’s healthy 2.0.

Safe travels for Big Perm, Madoff, and Mr. Clean’s trip to the Gulf.


Lots of good mumblechatter this AM- I think I’m now a qualified boat broker thanks to Big Perm.

Avoid greeting Sawed Off after an arms day; you might be greeted with a few kisses to the cheeks, viva-la France style.

If you want an HC from Simpson, you must bribe him with promises of no Burpees, Crab Walks, and Bear Crawls. FloRide only needs promises of no Crab Walks; he’s easy to please.

As usual, Coach K and Big Spur lead the charge through each lap. Great push!

No sightings of Joker this AM, he must have thought I lied when I guaranteed no Crab Walks. Not good when a preacher man thinks you’re a fibber.

No sightings of Big Easy, either. We almost had the rare “BIG” trifecta this AM.

Plenty of opportunities to Q this month, SO STEP UP AND LEAD, OR WE’RE GOING TO START ASSIGNING Qs (Ask Handy Manny).

Great push this morning, men. I was happy we completed the 10 Laps and 400 Merkins; way to push through and finish with a few to spare. As always, my pleasure to lead you in the GLOOM.

Ball Cock…Audi 5000!

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