Date: 7/3/2018

Weather: Humid and Hot

17 PAX: Judge Judy, Sawed Off, Coach K, Joker, Snowflake, Ray, Mr. Clean, Compost, Moped, Minnow, Valley Girl, Wet Wipes (FNG), Blind Side, Gas Mask, Ball Cock, Whippoorwill, Handy Manny (QIC)

Anybody new & Disclaimer

Warm Up (IC):

30 SSH

20 Wind Mills

30 Arm Circles (15F\15B)

20 Imp Walkers

Mosey to the Tennis Courts

The Thang:

Partner up and everyone lines up on one side of the tennis courts to do the following:

DORA – one partner stays while the other runs SUICIDES touching each line over the two tennis courts

Exercises – BOMBS

50x – Bobby hurley’s

100x  – One legged burpess

150x – Merkins

200x – Big boy sit ups

250x – Squats

Indian Run back to the pad


30x Air Humpers

10x One legged Air Humpers (right leg)

10x One legged Air Humpers (left leg)

15x American Hammers



Pray Requests: Everyone be safe and drink responsibly during the 4th of July holiday.


1: Your Q did not know Brian Stickler (Wet Wipes) was an FNG and felt bad for not double checking prior to the work out.

2: Your Q’s hip flexors were hurting this morning and paid for it by laying in bed on July 4th and a few days after that. (getting old sucks!)

3: It was great seeing familiar faces that haven’t attended in a while. Welcome back Valley Girl and Minnow.

4: Your QIC thought of this THANG combination a few days prior but had no idea if there was enough time to pull it off. Was also trying to be creative on the exercises without killing everyone but ultimately stuck with the “oldie but goodie” ones to keep it simple.

5: I apparently lost some friendships doing this Q

Pleasure as always.


Handy Manny


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