Weed and Feed 1-2-3…15


Swanson, Snowflake, Buckeye, Spaulding, Big Spur, Joker, Ballcock, Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Bartman (Respect), Urkel, Yo Yo Ma, Squealer, Gambit, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: 76 with 86% Humidity

Disclaimer: push yourself and the man next to you

Warm Up:

15 Burpees OYO

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 16 IC (both ways)

Mosey to the parking Lot


Stones Fertilizer Q Backwards with Twist

Mosey 5K Loop Counter Clockwise, start with 1 Burpee at AO then quick mosey to next turn, plank or pick up six then add a burpee to previous count.  15 total turns on 5k route, skipped one due to time.


Flutters x 15 IC

Wait we forgot one turn 15 Burpees OYO





-F2 Sandbar this Sunday at Family Sandbar, meet at Oyster Factory for ride or drive your own boat.  Let me know about either so we can get everyone paired up with a ride.

-Sign up to Q, Flowride with Q on Wednesday

-Beach Bum Sprint Triathlon July 21st

-Chomp quit F3 apparently


-F3 Gump from upstate 2.0 passed in accident this past week, keep family in prayers

-Sherrie West lost house in fire this past week, prayers for relief and help with transition.


-Gambit is on a new diet where he doesn’t eat crap, cannot take a crap, and causes him to not talk crap either.

-Snowflake barely broke a sweat this morning

-I didn’t hear any horse noises until turn 8. #ballcock

-Joker can do 6 burpees all day long but after 6, that’s it.

-Swanson did 2 things today that made me uncomfortable, smacked me on the ass and called me Stones.  I think he misses him.  #bromance

-I think Urkel was let down by not getting the full circuit of burpees in, I know he wanted to break 150, but I was smoked.

-After being out for a week I wanted to kick myself in the rear to get going, I thought it would have been easier.  135 Burpees and 2.9 miles done!


Peaches Out!


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