Highway 66….1 year later

June 26, 2018

PAX:  Spicoli, Compost, Singlet, Little Sweet (Hickory, NC), Crab Cake, Duffel, Peaches, Spaghetti O, Squid, Radar, Snipe (2.0), Sub Prime, Slick, Tramp Stamp, Hard Hat, Weinstein, Beater, Goose(Respect), Cardinal, Narco, Shingles, Dough Boy (Gastonia, NC), Go Daddy, Chumbucket, Cookies(Respect), Nae Nae, Minivan, Capt. Crunch, Bartman(Respect), Lamont-FNG(Respect), Spaulding(QIC)

Conditions:  74 with 80% Humidity

Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk, push yourself and the guy next to you


SSH x 66 IC

Mosey over to the field behind SC Executive Park near the water

Elevens: Merkins and Mountain Climbers.  Find a spot on top of the hill.  Start with Merkins, bear crawl to the bottom near the water for Mountain Climbers and bear crawl back up to the top.  Continue bear crawls back and forth until Elevens is complete.

Mosey over to Kroger gas station

Squats x 66 OMC

Mosey over to Joseph A. Banks


Highway 66 – Mosey down Main Street stopping at each lamp post for Plank Jack Burpees

11 Plank Jack Burpees at first lamp post

10 Plank Jack Burpeers at next lamp post

9 Plank Jack Burpees at next lamp post and so on: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 until

1 at last lamp post

66 Dips on the wall

66 Step ups on the wall (33 each leg)


Flutters x 66 IC





-2nd F Happy Hour – HHI – Club Seats – Thursday, June 28th at 5pm


-Continued prays for the Bobinchuck family for the loss of their daughter Charli

-Celebration of Life in honor of Charli – Wednesday, June 27th at 6pm – Chaplin Community Park


Last week my wife and I took our boys to NYC and visited Yankee Stadium. We got there early to see the new stadium and came across Lou Gehrig’s famous quote. Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse of baseball famed for his 2,130 consecutive-games-played streak, made one of the most memorable speeches in all of sports. Heartfelt and poignant, this man with less than two years to live shared his feelings to an audience that left tears rolling down the cheeks of all but a few.  It was on July 4, 1939, on Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day, when the longtime Yankee first baseman uttered the famous words at a home plate ceremony at Yankee Stadium: 

“Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about a bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”  I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans.

I was trying to explain to my 11 year old why he felt so lucky even though he was dying. I started to reflect on this and my sons comments afterwards.  It reminded me how lucky I was to have the life we live here in beautiful HHI. As you can imagine we saw all sorts of people in NY with various struggles. Homeless, less than desirable living conditions and people like you and I fighting the grind day in and day out with much longer commutes then any of us have.  I realize we all have our own struggles but we need to continue to remind ourselves about this great place we live and the opportunity to start our days off with F3 (fitness, fellowship and faith). 

Today is my one year anniversary of F3.  As Lou Gehrig stated I have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you guys here at the Yacht Club and the Men of Bluffton.  Thanks and keep pushing.  Amen!

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