Blank Q Sheet is a Sign of Weakness, We Will Sweat That Weakness Out…


Go Daddy, Singlet, Goose ( Double Respect), Captain Crunch, Tramp Stamp, Rasta (Visitor from Cleveland), Ambien, Crabcake (FNG), Musk, Sub Prime, Weinstein, Minivan, NeNe, Hermano, CooCoo Cachoo, Hard Hat, Snow Cone, Digiorno (Not Geranimo), Cardinal, Wild Thing (Visitor from Atlanta), Squatter (FNG from Atlanta), Whiffle (Visitor from Cleveland), Brick, Beater, ChumBucket (QIC)


79 with slight humidity

Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk and apologies for the impending workout


SSH x 30

TTT x 15

AC 15 forward, 15 backword

Mile mosey with the occasional stop for 5 burpees to hold up for six.

Jailbreak final 100m back to fountain.


Partner up for AMRAP around the 1/4mile loop with the following stops:

1 Fountain for 20 Dips

2 Bike Racks for 20 Pull Ups

3 Stage for 20 Box Jumps

4 Lunge Walk to circle

5 Circle for 20 Derkins

6 Playground for 10 Pullups

Rinse and repeat

After 2 rounds, Plank for six and circle up for Mary


Flutters x 30

Big Boy Situps OYO x 20

American Hammers x 15






Q Sheet is open, sign up and lead

Beach Bum Triathlon Saturday


  • Safe travels for all of the families on vacation
  • Prayers for the babies coming
  • Prayers for those that couldn’t be with us


  • We showed up this morning with no one signed up to Q. This has been pretty rare but understandable a lot of guys traveling. No problem, I had a plan for such an occasion.
  • Has Squid quit F3?
  • After our warm up mosey there was very little mumblechatter. The humidity may have been a factor.
  • Its great to meet and workout with PAX from all over. Today we had guys from Cleveland and Atlanta.
  • I hope our 17 year old FNG, Squatter recovers in time for Thursday. Haven’t seen Merlot like that in a while.
  • I love seeing our Yacht Club numbers continue to rise. Keep showing up and bringing FNG’s!

Keep Showing up and putting in the work!


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