Prep for Bull Point Work out with rocks and bluff climb

9 PAX – MonSewer, EEEEEE!!!!, Wipeout, Cpl Klinger, Mr. Myagi, Big Easy, Baby Shoes, Trim, Conroy

Conditions – Humid – no breeze – 86

– Disclaimer –

Mosey to WF park via Bay Street – assemble at the flag poles


Warm Up- In Cadence

SSH  x 50

TTT x 25

IW x 25

Tighten circle – airchair arm circles – hold air chair for duration

fwd x 20, bwd x 30, raise roof x 20, overhead clap x 20


Ring of Fire descending 10 – 1 Merkins

Mosey to the drainage rocks by the drain at marina side of park – everyone get one. Rock grumbling ensued.

Alternating star jumps with no rock and squat to overhead press with rocks x 20

Rock a bye baby x 19  – 8 count excercise – from standing position first move is rock overhead and back to chest (1-2) then out to the left and back to chest 3-4, straight out in front and back to chest 5-6, out to right and back to chest 7-8 = 1 rep

x 19

Rock around the posey Indian run – in single file all Pax start Mosey in circle Around pad #1 in park – each PAX lifts rock over head while running Indian run x 6 laps – until everyone had been the Indian x1

Q tried Jane Fonda rock pass exercise – failed – too easy – Big Easy then took over out impatience with flutter kicks x 20

Q then took back up with Rocks up, Rocks up x 20

mosey to bluff on Bay Street in front of Rhett House with rocks

Dora – partner up – pax not exercising runs down bluff and then back up until partners have completed

50 Burpees

100 Squats

150 Mountain Climbers

200 LBCs

Mosey to steps accross the street – 20 box jumps

Rock slide down road for 1 block.

Dips x 30

mosey to Rock deposit area

mosey to flag


Announcements and prayer


Moleskin – Was good to have Big Easy back. Cpl Klinger’s bright orange BEAT USC shirt was offensive to the Q. EEEEEE!!!! continued his overachievement by running to the anchor and back to his house afterwards. Baby Shoes also out hustled the group and set an all around good example. Mr. Myagi continues to inspire – double respect. Wipeout was strong coming off of his first Q. MonSewer also has been outstanding in his first week and a great addition to the “exercise group” as one lady passing by called us today while comforting us that we did not need to worry about her taking pictures. Hmm.

– Bull Point convergence is coming together. Big Easy shared that Squid has been spreading the work in Bluffton and Hilton Head and that he thought a few would join us from those groups. Looks like with have about 10 camping overnight on Friday so far. Would like to have a firm count by Wednesday, June 20.

Was an honor leading these men,




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