Round Robin

PAX: Urkel, Chumbucket, 12 Guage, Buckeye, Big Spur, Big Perm, Bob Ross, Madoff, Handy Manny, Buckner, Sea World, Hard Hat, Josh Mathews (FNG) “Silver-a-doo”, Gambit (QIC)


14 w/ 1 FNG made their way to the fire ant covered field of weeds we so happily  call our AO. As the evening turned to night yesterday, no one had stepped up to lead this AM.  Not sure the reason the #MOB has been having difficulty getting Qs lately. Could be cramps, menstrual cycles, vaginitis, fear, all of the above…who knows. Either way a workout must go on. YHC called the Q around 20:00 and that was that.  Let’s get to it…

Conditions: you would have known had you been there. I’m sure the AC felt good wrapped in your fartsack while the rest of us jumped in a pool of sweat.

Disclaimer: modify if needed but push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Warm-up: SSH x 30 (IC), TTT x 10 (IC slowly), LAC x 20 for and rev, air presses x 20  (IC), copperhead squat x 20 (IC), 5 reps of 4×4 OYO, mosey the track to the benches for 50 dips OYO, continue mosey through the parking lot and stop at the corner turning toward the bus  circle. Burpees for the 6 to arrive then all PAX perform 5 burpees OYO. Finish mosey to the bus loop and plank for the 6.

The Thang: group up in 3s. Partner A performs high plank, Partner B performs burpee with jump over Partner A legs, Partner C runs the loop. Burpees continue until Partner C returns at which time PAX rotate and Partner C begins plank, Partner A Burpee and Partner B runs. Continue rotation until Q calls it (~ 3 rounds ea PAX). Same routine with plank, derkins w/ feet on partners back, and run ( complete 2 rounds per PAX). Same routine with air chair, squats, run (complete 2 rounds per PAX). All PAX finish final lap with the 6 and recover with a 10 count.

Mosey back to stop sign for 5 hand release burpees OYO. Mosey back to  track and reverse direction to the benches for 50 dips OYO. Take the short way across the field back toward the flag and line up on the track. Once the 6 arrives, bearcrawl to the flag and circle up.

No time for Mary. Pointless anyway…



Announcements: twilight run June 21 7:30 Dispensary. Non timed 5K put on by palmetto running company. Sign up on their website. Finish with drinks at dispensary. Go Tri beach bum triathlons. June 23 and July 21. Sign up.

Prayers: unspoken

Moleskin: Great group this morning. Everyone seemed to push themselves. Not a ton of mumblechatter heard over the heavy breathing. Summer time seems to be a busy time for people traveling and can lead to some complacency. It’s easy to get caught in the rut and next thing you know it’s been 2 weeks since we have seen you in the gloom. We finally give you enough shit to come back out and it sucks like the first time you posted.  Stay consistent. Reach out to those that you haven’t seen in a while. Rumor has it Simpson has  a new job and has committed to posting 3 times a week minimum. I think that starts next week…

I know it’s hot. I know its humid. It sucks!. If you are waiting for the one month we have perfect weather in the lowcountry, go pay your 50 bucks to the gym, run your 20 min on the TM in the AC, write down your exercises on the sheet of  paper, have the awkward conversation with the old naked guy in the locker room, and drive home without anyone really caring your there. OR…come be uncomfortable outside with a bunch of other great guys, at an uncomfortable time in the morning, who notice when you aren’t there and will  push you harder than you will push yourself FOR FREE! They will also be there outside  of the workout when you need it. And you will need it.

Gambit OUT!

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