BLIMP Ride that crashed


PAX:  JV, Bartman, Hard Hat, Narco, Spaulding, Squatter, Singlet, Chumbucket, Cardinal, Minivan, Snowcone, Captain Crunch, NeNe, FNG Musk, Hermano, Brick, DiGiorno, Squid, Brutus, Ambien with the Q, and a few more I can’t remember.  A total of 26 men faced down the dark and went on a  Hindenburg BLIMP ride.

The thang:

5 min warmup

25 SSH

20 IW

20 TTT

ACs x 15 both ways

20 merkins IC

Mosey around Kroger to really get the humidity moving.

Met in front of Pavilion for a briefing on some Hindenburg BLIMPS and each Pax grabbed a partner.  This superior alternative to morning coffee was intended to be 6 circuits around the Towne Centre oval, with both partners stopping on each lap at 4 stations and doing these exercises:

1st lap:  10 Burpees at each of the stations

2nd lap:  20 Lunges at each of the stations

3rd lap:  30 Imperial walkers at each of the stations

4th lap:  40 Merkins at each of the stations

5th lap:  50 Plank jacks at each of the stations

6th lap:  60 Squats at each of the stations

While the Pax fought valiantly to get through all 6 circuits, alas the Hindenburg did explode and not quite 5 circuits were completed.

The Q pulled the group back together for 5 MOM of the following:

25 squats OYO

25 flutter kicks

20 crunchy frogs (the mumble chatter did kick up a bit here)

Uncounted tempo merkins

20 more squats IC (for the kids)

Counted off 26 Pax and named FNG Musk

Announcements:  Yacht Club shirts ordered (26 shirts!).  2nd F lunch at Java Burrito on Wed 6/13 at noon.

Prayers:  For travelers, one Pax relative having surgery, one Pax relative undergoing chemotherapy and other unspoken requests.

6,200 steps later, YHC Ambien was dripping with sweat but happy that he could play a role in making us all a little better.  Several visitors were present and added to the festivities.  Keep up the great work men and SYITG.

Ambien is now asleep,….

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