Nice cold morning at the Buck.  99 degrees give or take.


Pax: Madoff, Handy Manny, Ballcock, Gasmask,  CoachK, Grayson Allen, Lil Cena, Static, Jack Sparrow, Urkel, Buckeye, Bob Ross, Big Perm, Whip (Q in lead).

Warm Up:
SSH x 20
Baby Arm Circles x 15 f & b
TTT x 20

The Thang:
Mosey to the football field.
Goal line to 50 yrd line Bear Crawl
Mosey to opposite goal Line.

Goal Line to Goal Line Jailbreak/Mosey Combo x 20
30 Merkins x 15
-Modify with Diamond Merkins x 10
-Spider Man Merkins x 10  & x 8

Toss in some American Hammers with the Merkin Combo
x 3

It’s doing the Spartan with less boredom.

Always an honor to lead the group.

No announcements.
Toss to Buckeye who thankfully knows the 5 core principles (i went blank.)

Prayers for our nation and each other.


Harper Ware is no joke. The kid is in great shape. I saw one or two guys almost puke today so it seems like the wo went well. There was much easy chatter so maybe it wasn’t that good. IDK. Urkel said it was a good wo so that’s basically a win win.

Whip out.

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