Spartan Sprint!


Flea (Q), Hostillo, Gambit, Compost, Guinness, Spaulding, Ridge Crest, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Cap’n Crunch, Coach K, Cubby, Dwight, JV, Ray, Armano, Hard Hat, Judge Judy, Toothless, Gump, Squid, Chum Bucket, Stones, Dabo, 12 Gauge, Peaches, Big Spur, Walk-off, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Fish Wrap, Hopper, Swanson, Diapers, Buckeye (MARY Q), Gold Digger (FNG), Buckner (FNG)


70 degrees with darkness giving way to the light. Perfect for a butt-whoopin’

Introduction and disclaimer

Warm up

SSH x40 IC (accelerando)

TTT x20 IC

Arm circles forward/backward x20 IC

The Thang

Spartan- Line up on the fence line, SPRINT (and I do mean SPRINT) to the opposite fence line, do something, walk back, rinse and repeat.

5 rounds of SPRINT, 20 merkins OYO, walk back

5 rounds of SPRINT, 20 alternating should taps OYO, walk back

3 rounds of SPRINT, 20 burpees OYO, walk back, 10 mountain climbers IC

MARY/Core Principles

#1- Workouts are free of charge. Crunchy Frog x20 IC

#2- Workouts are open to all men of any age. Flutter Kicks x20 IC

#3- Workouts are held outdoors; rain or shine, hot or cold. Seal Jacks x20 IC

#4- Workouts are peer led, in a rotating fashion, no training/certification necessary. Chilly Jacks x20 IC

#5- Workouts end with Circle of Trust…


Announcements- Buy Local Pie F3 surf and turf pizza with 50% of the proceeds going to F3 Lowcountry Foundation today (6/6), and 20% for the entire month of June.

Prayers to keep the PAX strong and faithful, not only in the mornings durng the workouts, but in their daily lives.

Make It Rain! F3 Lowcountry raised a bunch of money and presented $9,000 checks to the following 6 local charities. Lowcountry Strong, Lowcountry Dress for Success, Young Life, Greener Grass, The Outside Foundation, Backpack Buddies. Good work men!


I apologize if I have butchered any F3 names. 37 PAX this morning and I know about half of them. I am always hopeful that I can challenge myself and others when I get to lead. Today we had a few fellas wander off during the Thang. I haven’t figured out if that’s good or bad yet. Welcome to the FNG’s

T-claps to Buckeye for the MARY Q and Dabo for leading the charge on raising money for local charities.

Until next time, Flea out!

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