Wed Bombs

QIC:  Diapers

The PAX: Buckeye, Hard Hat, Dabo, Spaulding, Hostilo, Stones, Stubbs, Peaches, Big Spur, 12 Guage, Swanson, Ray, Gator Bait, Stones, Dabo, Chum Bucket, Diapers (QIC)

Conditions: 73 degrees with more and more humidity


IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x50
– WM x 20

-EW x 20
– TTT x 20

– AC x 15 (each direction)

– Mosey to Bus Loop

The Thang:
partner up for BOMBS

Burpees x 50

Overhead Claps x 100

Merkins x 150

Big boys x 200

Squats x  250

Help the Pax finish up

2 Line Indian Run back to playground

Attempted full Pax Dips on playground (un-successful)


Circle up for 8 MOM around Flag

Plank x 10, right x 10, left x 10

Freddie Mercury x 30 IC

Back Scratchers x 30 IC

Air Humpers  x 15, Left x 15, Right x 15

Plank to finish



Memorial Day Convergence at Coligny 6:30 am HHI

– Brynn Cambell Dr. visit next Tuesday for eye sight

Pleasure to be with you men who push me and make me better.  Hostilo got stuck with the slowest guy out there but we used the time well.  Keep up the good work.

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