This program has been brought to you by the exercise: SSH

PAX: Urkle, Swanson, Diapers, Gump, Dabo, Stones, Hostilo, Bartman (Respect), Big Spur, Compost, Joker, Stubbs, Peaches, Daniel Garcia FNG (“Hopper”), Chumbucket, Yo Yo Ma, Gambit (QIC)

17 PAX w/ 1 FNG rolled themselves out of the fartsack on a humid morning to put in some #humpday work. YHC was anticipating a wet gloom with the threat of rain all week, but it held off for us only to bring out the thick lowcountry air. One of YHCs previous Qs involved a workout centered around the SSH (jumping jack). It was sneaky tough, so I figured a return visit of the staple F3 warm-up exercise could be fun. I was wrong…it sucked.

Conditions: 73 degrees 92% humidity

Disclaimer: I  am neither trained or a professional. You are working out at your own risk. (Hostilo says we are good to go but he does have a baseball card binder full of business cards if you should need anything)

Warm-up: (all IC unless otherwise stated)

SSH x 25, predator jacks x 20, superstars (think seal jacks w/ a jumping lunge) x 20, Happy jacks (10 SSH + 2 jump squats) x 5 rounds, plank jacks x 20, chilli jacks (plankjack from the low plank position)  x 20

Mosey to the bridge on bridge street and collect the 6. All PAX SSH shuffle across bridge switching directions at midpoint. Continue mosey across Calhoun and down to the concrete bride at the bottom of the “hill”. All PAX complete smurf jacks until 6 arrives.

The Thang: Jacobs Ladder ( I love Stones) This routine consists of 7 trips of All you got (AYG) up a hill  with ascending reps of burpees at the top.  To keep with the theme, the standard burpee is replaced with a starjack burpee. PAX complete the burpee but when rising from the crouched position, one performs a starjack instead of a standard hop. Return mosey down the “hill”. PAX are to begin  smurfjacks until 6 arrives. We start with 2  starjack burpees and increase by 2 each time finishing with 14. There was a 10 count worked in after round 4 and at the end.

AYG back to the top and recover at the stop sign. Circle up for 5 sets of 5 SSH (IC) and immediately into 5 merkins. The last set of merkins were done IC to 20. Recover

Indian Run back to the Flag. Once everyone took their turn with the sprint, it was a recovery mosey to the finish.

Circle back  at the flag and plank for the 6

5 MOM: Back Scratchers x 25 (IC), LBC x 50 (OYO), Air Humpers x 20 (IC), sgl leg air humpers x 10 ea leg (IC), supermans x 1 min



Announcements: 5/26 convergence at Coligny 0630. All other AOs closed that day. Go to  the beach.

Prayers: Family that lost a loved one to  suicide this week, all other unspoken


  1. Stones crushing it out there this morning
  2. Swanson pushing the pace on the AYGs up the hill. Consistency paying off brother, keep it up!
  3. Stubbs  with a strong showing out there this morning.
  4. T-claps to FNG who  showed up in sweatpants and long sleeves and didn’t  die
  5. You know Swanson is getting better because his  mumblechatter is getting louder
  6. There was no merlot  splashed but I heard some almosts
  7. T-claps to Peaches for picking up  the 6 and pushing them to  the  finish

Good group of men this morning  as always. The heat and humidity are quickly returning. Be smart. Bring water. Hydrate the night before. Most F3 workouts start with a warm-up and usually include the Side straddle Hop (SSH). It seems to  be a staple warm-up exercise, but when variations are thrown in, it can be a sneaky ass kicker.

Remember if you are signing up to Q, part of that responsibility is a backblast. It’s a quick  way to tell PAX what went on during the workout and give some guys a shoutout. They came out to  follow you for 45 min, you owe them that much. If you need help getting started with one, reach out to  myself or Stones.

Gambit out!

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