F3 Bluffton turns 3

39 PAX gathered in the Wed morning gloom to help celebrate the beginning of F3 in the lowcountry.  3 years ago, F3 Bluffton was born on a Saturday AM at Dubois Park in Old Town. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, PAX from across the region came to lead us and show us how to grow not only in our Fitness, but  as men in our community. Over the last 3 years we have grown to include 3 more AOs any many more PAX coming and going at one point or another. At the first workout, we had around 10 PAX and met on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today there were 39 that showed and many others that come on the regular that were unable to attend. There is now a workout offered every day of the week and multiple workouts on some of those days.

PAX: Jack Sparrow, Floride, Midwife, 12 Gauge, Peaches, Harvey, Squealer, Romo, Ball Cock, Stubbs, Hardhat, JV, Squid, Narco, Meatgazer, Bartman, Slim shady, Handy Manny, Nancy Drew, Spaulding, Big Spur, Sawed Off, Ray, Ambien, Flea, Buckeye (QIC), Chumbucket, Cookies (respect) Diapers, Spaghetti-o, Judge Judy (QIC), Hostilo, Tony Tisdell (FNG) ‘Brokeback’, Swanson, Beauford, Joker, Snowflake Urkel, Gambit (QIC)

Conditions: 59 degrees, clear, perfect

Welcome, Disclaimer

Warm-up: (Buckeye) all IC unless otherwise stated

Seal Jacks x 30, F3 core principle #1: Workouts are always free of charge, 1 dbl merkin burpee (OYO), Copperhead squat x 20, Core principle #2: Workouts are open to all men, 2 dbl merkin burpees (OYO), TTT x 20, Core principle #3: workouts are held outdoors rain or shine hot or cold, 3 dbl merkin burpees (OYO), Tempo Merkins x 20, Core principle #4: workouts are led by the participants in a rotating fashion, 4 dbl merkin burbees (OYO), Plank Jacks x 30, Core principle #5: workouts end with a circle of trust, 5 dbl merkin burpees (OYO)

The Thang Part 1 (Judge Judy)

AMRAP (surprise!): Beginning at the covered breezeway all PAX will mosey the track to the backstop and perform 25 alternating shoulder taps then jailbreak around rest of track to  the small hill on the football field and backward bearcrawl from tire up the hill and perform 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat until time called.

The Thang Part 2 (Gambit)

Mosey to the bball court and split group in half (kinda). Group 1 performs 1 full court suicide while group 2 hold balls to the wall. Flapjack x 2. Mosey back and circle around the flag for 1 round of 10 x 5 ( 10 burpees/min for 5 min)

2 Min of Mary (Gambit)

Air humpers x 20, sgl leg air humpers x 10 ea leg


Count, Name, Announcements: Memorial Day (almost) convergence Saturday 5/26 Coligny Beach; Mud Run signups extended until 5/6 talk to JV about joining with Yacht club to get a team together, Prayer: peace for Urkle’s family for loss, Patience and peace for Snowflake



  1. It’s always great to get a core principle refresher
  2. Mumblechatter and encouragement seemed great even with the big crowd. T-claps to all those that pushed the man next to you
  3. T-claps to #TheYachtClub and #theBuck men that made the trip to old town for the celebration
  4. Kotters to midwife
  5. Judge Judy surprised everyone with his originality today
  6. T-claps to Stubbs  for bringing out and FNG and pushing through the suck
  7. Very few hills in Bluffton but backward bearcrawling up them is horrible no matter how small they are
  8. Ray was there, felt the breeze as he ran past me
  9. Balls to the wall is always a crowd pleaser
  10. After 2 sets of burpees YHC was ready to call it quits. Had I been working out alone, I would have never made it through.
  11. Fishing is a good excuse to missing anniversary workouts (says no one ever)
  12. Welcome Brokeback! (Awesome to have Squid back in the mix at #MOB for the oft borderline inappropriate naming)

A lot has happened in 3 years. There have been many races, mud runs, lunches, bible studies, happy hours, and fundraising. Many PAX have competed in or completed events they never thought they would do prior to F3. That is due in part to the continued support and push from fellow PAX. Keep pushing, keep shit talking, keep encouraging, keep holding others accountable. It will only help us all in the end.

As always, it was a pleasure to join Buckeye and Judge Judy to lead this morning.

Gambit out!

her Its III

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