The Red Pill or The Blue Pill

When: 05/01/2018

QIC: Ball Cock

The PAX: Big Spur, Ray, Joker, Uncle Rico, Stubbs, Ricky  Bobby, Big Perm, Mr. Clean, MOped, Cowbell, TP, Scrubby, Simpson, Jack Sparrow, Urkel, and Ball Cock (QIC).

DAILY RED PILL: The Q’s daily Commitment to Accelerate his Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Abbr: DRP. 16 PAX took their DRP for a Broad Jump Burpee Lap at The Buck.

Conditions: Cool, clear, 50ish degrees…a full moon with the sound of a whippoorwill singing through the trees.

Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk!


Circled up at the Shovel Flag for the following:

SSH x 30 IC
Windmills X 25 IC
Tempo Merkins X 20 IC
Mountain Climbers X 20 IC
Plank Jacks X 25 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 IC (Reverse)


Mosey to the track

Split into two teams (Team 1 Star and Team 2 Stars)
Each team lines up along the track’s start line and face opposite directions and await instructions.

YHC decided to do a little research last night and discovered the Broad Jump Burpee Lap, the twisted sister of the Burpee Mile.

Each team begins the BJBM in opposite directions. Each PAX Broad Jumps then Burpees, R&R around the entire track. The goal is to make it to the finish line by 0650. YHC, Ray, and Moped (All on Team 2 Stars) made it back to the finish line before 0650, then back track mosey to pick up the 6 on each team.

Once back at the start line, form a single line for an Indian Run around the track, then mosey back to The Pad for another pointless round of Mary.

2 MOM:

Flutters X 50 IC




Sign up for the mud run, today is the deadline. Yacht Club has adopted Peaches and Urkel. According to Big Perm, there is a literal boatload of beer at the finish line.

Tomorrow is 3 year anniversary of the MOB with a Mystery Q…Dred??? Reach out to the PAX you haven’t seen in a while and bring an FNG. BE THERE!

Thursday is the 2 year anniversary at the Buck; this is the first time an anniversary has fallen on a workout day at the Buck. Another special opportunity to reach out to PAX that haven’t posted recently. BE THERE for a special Combo Q!

Prayers for Urkel’s M as she and her family are dealing with the recent loss of her father.
Prayers for everyone’s sore bodies.
Prayers of thanksgiving for Little Cena’s recovery from his illness. Enjoy the puppy, Whipp!


The consensus from the PAX: Track = Cheese Grater on gloveless hands.

Big Perm thinks Dabo is a liar, except when it comes to describing how much fun the Mud Run.

Joker asked what was the Blue Pill? My guess is Gas-X for the fartsack.

Again, Moped and Ray brought their A-games and finished strong on the BJBL.

Huge Kotter to Simpson, glad to see you out in the Gloom this morning.

Great push by the PAX for this unorthodox Q. I thought the change of pace was a good choice and a different way to challenge the PAX. Good work men!

Plenty of opportunities to Q this month, so step up and lead!

Great push men. And as always, my pleasure to lead you in the GLOOM.

Ball Cock…Audi 5000!

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