Crazy 8’s

Date: 5/1/18

Conditions: Perfect for 20 PAX

PAX: Narco, Spaghetti O, Hard Hat, Nae Nae, Cookies(Respect), Big Easy(Respect), Dabo, Chumbucket, Singlet, Shingles, Junior Varsity, Go Daddy, Peaches, Stones, Capt. Crunch, Ambien, Meat Gazer, Magee(Charlotte), FNG-Minivan, Spaulding (QIC).

Disclaimer:  Not a trained professional, work out at your on risk, push yourself and the guy next to you……..Welcome FNG.

Warm Up:

AC’s x 10 both ways IC

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC

SSH x 30 IC

Mosey around the park

Thang: Crazy 8’s – partner up

8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 times around the park

Pulls ups and V ups at the playground

Step ups and Dips at one side of the circle

Box Jumps and Lunges on the other side of the circle

Derkins and Mtn. Climbers at the Pavilion

Spread out at the various stations.  Perform each exercise with 8 reps of each, mosey to the next station and perform next set of exercises.  Once you complete all 8 exercises, round one complete.  Continue around the stations until you complete 8 rounds. 8x8x8=512 reps.

Running short on time…circle up

2MOM: American Hammers x 30 IC, Flutters x 30 IC



FNG named Minivan, Welcome!


Prayers for Bob Rosene (Upward Coach) for loss of his father.  Prayers for Urkel’s family for the passing of his father-in-law.

Third Anniversary of Bluffton AO tomorrow…..mystery Q.  Yacht Club – let’s make a presence in Btown tomorrow!

My youngest son has really gotten into baseball this past year.  He and I were watching a game last night and early on he said “this game is over.”  I reminded him of Yogi’s quote – “It ain’t over till its over.”  I started looking at other famous sports quotes online and came across one that reminded me of how we start our day in the gloom.  Tommy Lasorda, Dodgers coach – “There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those that wonder what happens.”  We make it happen everyone morning at F3.  Let’s continue to make it happen throughout the day: at work and at home.


-20 PAX at the Yacht Club….great turnout guys!

-Big Easy couldn’t hear me during the warm-up.  Either I need to speak louder or that’s what happens when you are on the other side of 50!

-Dabo laid the guilt trip on me and FNG for Box Jumping at a low point of the wall.  Thanks for the push to move to a higher spot on the wall.

-Nae Nae said I always have a thinking mans Q – I’ll take that as a compliment?


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