Best Laid Plans


This one was a Q that I have been planning for just over four months. I picked this day because I had no Saturday conflicts and knew I would be able to post at the MOB. I even purchased some special gear just for this work out. It turns out I was the only one in Bluffton without a Saturday conflict.

What was this workout that I was planning? What was the gear that I purchased for it? I am not going to reveal that yet. This Q will happen again, and if you want to know you will have to post.

I finished up the book work out, spent a few minutes talking to Joker and then headed over towards Old town. I stopped to use the bathroom at the Church of the Cross and then got to the MOB with five minutes to spare.

No one was in the parking lot, but fear not there are still five minutes to go. I set up both flags because I happen to have both flags. Still no more PAX. I took a few sips from my water bottle, took a deep breath, and walked towards the flags. 6:30 come let’s do this. I will change the plan, but the workout will still happen.

PAX: Urkel (QIC)

Welcome, disclaimer, and warm up:

The Thang:

Line up for an Indian run. Leader keeps running, waiting for someone to pass and take the lead. 4.5 miles later we’re back at the AO


  • Glove removal x 2
  • Flag rolls x 2
  • Shovel pulls x 2
  • TSDO x 2 (Toyota Sequoia Door Openers)



  • Not gonna lie, this workout was very disappointing and 4 1/2 miles to think about it was ample time.
  • I had planned quite a rant for the Facebook page, but simplified it in the final form. I also pondered some of the excuses that people might have for not posting on Saturday. Here is a list of a few that I came up with:
  1. 515 is way too early
  2. Oh really, well 630 is also too early
  3. I might break a nail
  4. I just got a super-cute lacy pair of no-show panties that look awesome under my yoga pants, and I don’t want to get them dirty.
  5. The others that I came up with her not appropriate for posting on the Internet.
  • T-claps to our brothers on the island who had 13 PAX at #theYachtClub this morning.
  • In spite of this setback, I am still looking forward to doing this Q in the future.
  • To reiterate what I said in my Facebook post, I understand that many individual PAX have extremely valid reasons that they can’t be in any given work out. But there is no way you can convince me that that is true for every single man in Bluffton whose ever posted to F3.

Urkel Out!


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