PAX (Spaulding, Spiccoli, Cookies, Big Easy (Respect), Spagetti-O , Nea Nea, Swanson, Dabo, Squid, Chumbucket, FNG Singlet, Postal, Bartman (Respect), Shingles, Junior Varsity, Hardhat, Go Daddy, Peaches (QIC).


55 and Soggy

Intro to FNG:

Warm Up:

Smurf Jacks x 25 IC

New Guy you are an FNG today

TTT x 15 IC


AC x 16 Both ways IC

Mosey to Parking Garage


Hindenburg BLIMPS

There are 4 levels of the garage, we will perform the following number of exercises at each level up wait for 6 then move to next exercise at each level up and down until complete.

B uprees x 10 at each Level up garage

L unges x 20 at each Level down garage

I mperial walkers x 30 at each Level up garage

M erkins x 40 at each Level down garage

P lanks Jacks x 50 at each Level up garage

S quats x 60 at top then mosey to bottom wait for 6.

Running short on time let mosey back.





FNG named Singlet, Welcome!

Announcement/Prayers: Squid, thankful for group and support system.  Spread the word this is a great group.



-The parking garage floor has a really abrasive finish, doesn’t seem fitting for the #yachtclub

-Someone please contact the town about the widespread weed problem on the lawn.

-I thought we had time for everyone to gets squats in and mosey back and get six, things fell apart. #Qfail

-I showed up 5 minutes early and was last one to arrive, everyone was fired up to work out.  The energy at the #yachtclub is great


Peaches Out!

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