This one’s for Lil’ Cena

Date:  4/21/2018

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Jack Sparrow, Peaches, Toothless, Compost, Stones, Flea, Kiffin, Dwight, Diapers, Ball Cock, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:   Partly cloudy, pleasant temps with a slight breeze. Chance of gnats = 100%

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill followed by a quick update on Whipoorwill’s 8-year old son Jude (Lil’ Cena) who has been in and out and back in the hospital this month battling illness and infection.  He is now stable and in recovering.

11 PAX gathered around the shovel flag to get better and dedicate this  workout to Lil’ Cena.  Ironically the last time YHC Q’ed Lil’ Cena was in attendance and mentioned to the Q that the workout was easy.  This one won’t be easy and is for you LC.


SSH x 32 IC

Imperial Squat Walker x 16 IC

TTT x 16 IC

ATMs x 24 shoulder taps IC, 8 tempo merkins IC, 8 fast merkins OYO

Smurf Jack x 16 IC

Star Jack x 16 OYO

Mountain Climber x 16 IC

Burpee x 8 OYO for LC


PAX Mosey to the corner of Pritchard and Bridge for:  Burpee x 8, Starjack x 8, Smurf Jack x 8, Mountain Climber x 8 all OYO.

PAX Mosey to bottom of the “hill” on Bridge Street for:   Lil’ Cena’s ladder-  Run to the top of the hill and perform Burpee x 1 OYO, run back down to the bottom of the hill and back up and perform Burpee x 2 OYO. Rinse and repeat until Burpee x 8 is completed.  PAX perform the squat clock at the bottom of the hill until the six arrives.  Quick 8-count please.

PAX indian run to the floating dock at the bottom of Calhoun Street and enjoy the view for:

Tempo Merkin x 8 IC, Arm Circles Forward and Backward x 16 IC, Tempo Merkin x 8 IC, Air Press x 24 IC, Tempo Merkin x 8 IC, Thunderclap x 32 IC, Tempo Carolina Dry Docks x 8 IC

PAX bear crawl to the top of the bluff, rinse and repeat

PAX indian run down Calhoun and stop in front of Bluffton United Methodist Church.  YHC thought since the PAX were in front of a church, and Whip is a pastor, and Lil’ Cena is Whip’s 2.0 the the PAX should perform Burpee x 8 OYO for LC.

PAX continue indian run down Calhoun and stop at Dubious Park for:

The Lil’ Cena:  Pull-up x 8, Crucible Merkin x 8, Toe Touches x 8, Smurf Jack x 16, rinse and repeat x 4.  After first round perform max rep of pull-ups instead of 8.

PAX mosey to water fountain for quick 8-count and indian run back to corner of Bridge and Pritchard for an All You Got, without pulling a hammy, back to the SF.


All together Seal-sit x 16


Flutterkick x 32 IC as the gnats begin to swarm and DONE!



-This workout was for LC.  We are thinking about and praying for you buddy!  Get well soon and #SYITG.

-The PAX are thankful that LC is 8 years old and not in his teens yet!

-T-claps to Dwight for knowing the WWF Cena’s hand motions.

-Flea’s mumblechatter is always on point.  Great to have him back out there amongst the ranks.

-Compost’s consistency in 2018 is paying off.  Inspires YHC to be more consistent.

-Several PAX had flashback of the Tunnel of Love when YHC had them in the Plank position while in a straight line.  All agreed once a week was more than enough for the TOL.  Thanks Flea.

-Where in the heck is Simpson!   YHC doesn’t care if he was at a Braves baseball game.  Miss you out there brother.

-It’s great to see all the PAX push and inspire each other throughout the workout to work a little harder and move a little faster. #ISI

-An honor and pleasure to lead as always, it’s been way to long since YHC has stepped up to lead.

Buckeye OUT

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