There’s 2 ways this can go…



Conditions- jacket on to start, but it came off quickly


PAX; Urkel, TP, Judge Judy, Uncle Rico (HBD), Peaches, 12 Gauge, Buckeye, Diapers, Compost, Big Easy, Gambit, Kiffen, Stones, Dabo, Ray, Spaulding, Big Perm, Chum Bucket, Swanson, Ball Cock, Yo-Yo Ma, Flea (QIC)

22 PAX gathered around the shovel flag with the promise of a Tupperware Party. Who knew that would draw such a crowd?


25 SSH in cadence

20 TTT in cadence

The Thang;

1 lap around the track (mosey, high knees, butt kicks, mosey)

Burpee long jumps across the baseball field, lunges on the way back

1 lap around the track (mosey, high knees, butt kicks, mosey)

Bear crawl across the baseball field, crab walk on the way back

1 lap around the track (mosey, high knees, butt kicks, mosey)

Inch worm across the baseball field, army crawl thru the high plank tunnel on the way back

1 lap around the track (mosey only)


50 (or so) LBC’s OYO

A few minutes of Superman lead by Gambit (he says up and out/in so well)




Announcements- sign up for the Mud Run held on 5/19. Registration deadline is 5/1

Prayer requests- continued recovery for Jude (Whippoorwill’s son) in the hospital with complications from Appendix removal. Kiffen has been threatening a baby on the way for, well, about 9 months or so now- hopeful for a healthy baby girl and safe delivery.


YHC doesn’t even remember the last time I took the Q. It may have been in my 30’s. Nonetheless, I baited the PAX with the promise of Tupperware (it’s fitting that Uncle Rico made it out to the gloom this morning) and planned for a life-lesson style work out. There’s always an easy way and a hard way to accomplish a task. This morning I insisted on the hard way. Getting from one side of the baseball field (the path) to the other side (the fence) can easily be accomplished with a casual stroll. Same applies with getting back. I shamed the PAX into joining me for the hard way instead….3 times.  Add to that, changing up the laps around the track with some butt kicks and high knees, seemed like a fitting way to relax between trips across the field.  Looking back, I feel that I may have yelled more than I really needed to…I’ll work on that for next time. I’m not mad, really!

Leading this group of men is one of the most rewarding things I get an opportunity to do.


Flea out

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