5 man co-Q

PAX: Compost (co-Q), Moped (co-Q), Mr. Clean (co-Q), Grayson Allen (co-Q), Coach K (co-Q)

At 9pm last night the forecast was 90% chance of rain in The Gloom.  I guess most PAX are either scared of rain or on spring break.  As Grayson and YHC pulled into the parking lot at 5:05am we noticed there weren’t any other cars and the excitement about getting to go straight to Bojangles intensified for YHC but Grayson was determined to get at it no matter if we were the only 2.  A couple of minutes later the rest of the PAX rolled in and we began searching for the Q.  Since nobody had the Q we decided to tag team it and hit the ground running.

Conditions: low 50’s and not a drop of rain in sight.

Warm Up (Coach K)

SSH IC x 25

TTT IC x 15

Arm Circles forward and back IC x 15

Windmills IC x 15

The Thang Part 1 (Coach K)

1 burpee, 4 Merkins, 2 burpees 8 Merkins, 3 B 12 M, 4 B 16 M, 5 B 20 M, 6 B 24 M,  7 B 28 M, (pause to catch breath with 50 lbcs) 8 B 32 M, (25 Big Boys) 9 B 36 M (25 Vups) 10 B 40 M

The Thang 2 (Compost)

Mosey to the parking lot and make a loop and jail break the last 1/4 back to beginning.  10 Burpees, mosey and jailbreak, 20 Big Boys, mosey and jailbreak, 30 Vups, mosey and jailbreak 20 Big Boys, mosey and jailbreak, 10 burpees

The Thang 3 (Mr. Clean)

The memory starts to get fuzzy here.  Line up at the corner of the pad.  Lung Walk to the other side, do some exercises that were really hard but i forgot what they were,  Jail break to next side, do some more really hard exercises that most normal human beings couldn’t do, bear crawl to other side, more ridiculously hard exercises.  Might have been some more awesome exercises in there as well and then it was time for Mary.

Mary (Moped and Grayson)

American Hammers IC x a bunch

Flutters IC x an ungodly amount

Back scratchers IC x alot


Circle up, count, names (that goes fast with 5 people)


Prayer request for Coach K’s sister in law and Grayson’s aunt for surgery tomorrow in Columbia.

Grayson closed in prayer and Done!


Mr. Clean and Compost have come a long way in the running ability and stamina.  It is very impressive to see both of those guys put in the work and how far they have come.  You guys are beasts.

Grayson and Moped stepped up this morning to lead and did a great job in coming up with the exercises and leading the cadence count.  They both battled for top spot in the jail breaks with the old guys eating their dust.  Oh to be young and flexible again.

Great push by everyone and after putting in work YHC got his Bojangles!  Cinnamon Roll Biscuits are legit!

Coach K out!



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