Mud Run Training

April 2, 2018

Swanson, STONES!, Cubby, Kiffin, Chumbucket, Compost, FNG Snooki, FNG Tarzan, Gambit, Peaches, Big Spur, Diapers, TP, Buckeye, Flea, Uncle Rico, Ray, Judy (QIC)

The weather was perfect. It always is.

Disclaimer x 2

SSH x 25

AC x 25

TTT x 25

.3 m mosey

Dora – 50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 BBS, 200 Squats. Jailbreak to gate (aka fence), mosey back.

AMRAP bear crawl from tire to circle. Quick mosey small track. Repeat.

5 x 10  – 10 burpees/min for 5 minutes

Buckeye led Flutters x 50

Prayer Requests: The unspoken.
Mud run is May 19th. Put your team together now. YHC will be out of town that weekend and hates to miss it. It’s a great opportunity to see F3 in action.  The BOM consists of 100s of PAX together in prayer. It is something worth being a part of.  There is also beer boat.
Convergence on the beach Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Time and beach location TBD. No silkies allowed. It’s a new town ordinance instituted after frightened tourist complained last year.
  • Kiffin is the king of the bear crawl/sprint AMRAP. He is mud run ready.
  • Buckeye’s one arm planks while waiting for the six tells YHC he is pushing it to get back into bootcamp shape. #runningequalssoccermomarms
  • Mumble chatter is always better with Flea posting.
  • Good push by the FNGs. As Gambit said, the second one is worse, but then its smooth sailing from there (not really, but it gets better).
  • In F3 you may be the six on your first workout. Most are for the first several weeks or months. YHC thought nothing of it when invited to “this workout group called F3” four years ago while visiting family in Rock Hill. It started with a quarter mile slow mosey. Well, this is easy! Then came the bear crawls, the burpees, the balls to the wall, the crab walks, the merkins, the flutters, etc….. YHC was the six, and it hurt. It hurt bad. Getting off the toilet the next day hurt even worse. The soccer mom arms, in YHC’s mind, were forever permanently disabled.   Inevitably, if you persevere in always choosing the hard way over the easy way, getting up over hitting snooze, one more rep over one less rep, pushing over quitting, and sticking to the bootcamps you will no longer be the PAX that is the six. You will be the PAX pushing, engaging and encouraging the six. This is what F3 is all about, and it is present in every F3 work out. Love it. #isi
  • YHC is a big fan of frozen peas at the moment.


JJ out

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